For the first time, the Global Report Card goes more in-depth to help educators and parents understand how a school district's makeup affects school rankings. More than 25 percent of Illinois’s nurse workforce is currently employed in Cook County. See the latest rankings for 1,381 Illinois middle schools, from best to worst, based on the most recent scores. Illinois middle school rankings. Find the Best public high schools in Illinois ranked and explore detailed public high school rating and profiles. Browse best elementary, middle, and high schools private and public schools by grade level in Plainfield, Illinois (IL). January 2017 Illinois is ranked fifth in the nation for employment opportunities for chefs and head cooks by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, there is presently something of a nursing surplus in Cook County. Find rankings, test scores, reviews and more. View the 2020-21 directory of the top 4240 schools public schools throughout Illinois. Financial profile calculations for school districts are determined using five key indicators: Enclosed are the 2020 School District Financial Profile scores based on the Fiscal Year 2091 Annual Financial Reports. There are over 27,000 eating and drinking establishments in state bringing in almost $24.5 billion in sales. 2020 School District Financial Profile Scores . This year's Report Card includes the number of students in each district, the percentage of students in need, and each district's racial demographics. Illinois State Board of Education . By 2026, there is expected to be 41,300 jobs in the field, making a strong… Read More »Top 10 Best Culinary Schools in Illinois Top Illinois Private Schools For the 2020-21 school year, there are 1,759 top private schools in Illinois, serving 275,848 students. Nursing Schools in Illinois - 2020 Rankings Illinois can be divided into two parts: Chicago and everywhere else. Based on Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Financial Reports . The average private school tuition is $6,288 for elementary schools and $12,555 for high schools (view national tuition averages ). Best Plainfield schools listed by Plainfield school districts.
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