If you’re not pressed for time set some search alerts. Close. Is it possible to use legs that aren’t olov/adil or aren’t from ikea with the table top? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pair them with a table top, and you’ve made an outfit. When choosing a longer desk, support the middle with an Adils leg or something similar. Looking For. The Ikea Gerton table top and their $4 adils legs come out to about $120 total, and gerton top is solid beech wood, not particle board or mdf or plywood. SHARE PIN IT. How did U connect the legs to the top plate? The table is a little taller than the one with actual Adils legs next to it but not enough that the world will end.I found several used on FB marketplace/Craigslist/letgo but they were all either sold already or too far to be worth the drive. Posted by 3 months ago. Unfortunately only one color these days. Does anyone know what might be a good substitute for the Adils leg or somewhere I could buy 2 of them for a more reasonable price? I was looking to get some desk legs at my local ikea but they were completely out of most legs (as well as every ikea around my area). 2x2 cut to length, attached to tabletop with a pocket screw? We have two linnmon tops that we intended to use for a boardgame setup. June 27, 2016. The table can be moved across the floor without worry because the plastic feet protect against scratching. Store near me indicates when they will be in stock next, so they can be sniped quick. I have been looking for a month or more now. I bought a Hilver tabletop and as the Adils legs were out of stock, I bought at Lowe's a set of Waddell's Ash Wood Table Legs together with the hardware to mount it. Trestles and table legs – they’re like the slacks of the desk world. hide. Legs & trestles. report. Just find a trestle or desk leg style you like at IKEA.ca, pair it with your table top of choice and get to work – in a chair or on your feet. Unfortunately, as I stated in the comments below. You can get Capita Legs at IKEA or Amazon. Mix and match your choice of table top and legs. PLEASE for the love of god help me. Posted by 2 months ago. Funkify Your IKEA with Replacement IKEA furniture legs. Good luck to anyone still searching! Currently they're about 27 inches tall, which elevates the desks to an uncomfortably high position. Just a LINNMON desk top with four hairpin legs screwed on underneath. Just found this now and curious how that top plate hack worked? I want white but fuck ill buy the blue ones if i have to. By buying them separately, you can create a combination with a design and size that fits perfectly into your available space. 75% Upvoted. Hairpin legs always make a table look great and this Ikea desk hack is so simple and quick to do. For example, there’s probably no real reason to use Sugru if you already have some strong glue such as Araldite. On Amazon and Ebay sellers are asking for $50+ for a $4 part which is insanity. Can i just spray paint them? Some even have shelves for built-in storage, you know, like pockets. If you search “27 1/2” on Ikeas website, you can see leg alternatives. The table is not rock solid, it wobbles a little (I used legs with round ends and in 15 degrees angle) but it is what I have for now. However it isn’t strong enough on its own to be a desk leg. But all appearances say it should work. ADILS Leg, black. 2. Suitable for table tops with a minimum thickness of 1". I need to use this table to work from home. So it appears the Adils are basically impossible to get anywhere. Shop IKEA instore or online today!
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