17) Dynamic programming: Dynamic programming is seen by most as the scariest topic. 16) Graphs: They are probably the most used data structure in computer science. How to get an Interview? If you want to pass the coding interview, you found the right article. For example, forgot if the index is the first or second element in a foreach loop. Lastly, you will have the chance to ask him some questions about the company or anything that interests you. If many topics are unfamiliar to you, it means that you need to start practicing right after this article. Don’t decide halfway through preparation that you want to change the language! I will try to do my best to explain. 10) Binary trees: Focus on traversals, common ancestors and recursively iterate through the trees. For example, if you receive a problem with trees, it’s clear that you need to use algorithms specific to trees, such as recursion, right? You might be stuck on a specific syntax problem for a long time before completing the over all solution. They are equally important and if you master both, then you’ve passed the interview! In an approach named Comments First Approach. I would be happy to hear what would you like to read more about. When there’s no time to prepare, 4 Common pitfalls describing a recent project in a job interview. Coding without a keyboard, IDE, Google and time can be stressful and annoying. In this post I will present my approach for solving coding questions in a face to face interview. We took the project from a basic idea and turned it into a real application. You came to their office, and now they are sitting and watching you while you think and code.Well, that’s an opportunity to express more of yourself then only answering the question. Pick the one you like most and stick with it. This part is not all about coding, it’s also about talking loud and explaining what you are coding. Or it has just one element? The reason is simple: he doesn’t know what you are coding if you don’t explain. So, tell to the interviewer: “I have just finished coding. Please share and comment if you like this one. Your experience, intelligence and everything else is already fixed. Implement the classic problem of simulating a queue using two stacks. Stop a moment and think about the interviewers. Let me ask you a question: have you ever dreamed of working in a big tech company, like Microsoft? I assume you would like them to know you can: You don’t only want to solve the question, you want to make an impression. Keep in mind to talk aloud and explain what you are thinking. If you go deeper in one topic, choose hash tables. I want to be clear with you from the beginning: there is no such shortcut or trick to pass the interview. It won’t make you succeed if you don’t know the answer. Take a moment to think about the solution. The interviewer is expecting you to find the most optimal solution, code … Be sure that your code is explanatory. This led me to code while I am thinking. If so, be sure that most of us did, too. The developing process was iterative, and we made some mistakes on the way. Which answer do you like more? A software developer, consultant and instructor. This is a comprehensive guide that contains everything you need to know about the coding interview. It’s nothing fancy, but a way to organize your time for solving a question. Don’t skip them. After you finished coding, there is a high chance that you missed a bug. Here is the solution to solve it …”, and you make the changes. Some companies also accept other languages, and the clear majority stick with these three. Do the code above cover the basic scenarios? I want to be straight with you, and tell you that you won’t magically find an optimal solution if you didn’t practice a lot before. 1) Big O complexity: It’s a must and forms the underlying foundation of your algorithmic thinking. 3) Strings: Know how to manipulate a string in your language, and be familiar with problems that ask you to concatenate or rotate them. 2) “A project that I really enjoyed was about creating a web application for the National Health Services of the UK to help them to better manage the patients in the hospital. Interview preparation It is recommended to cover all topics. I’m still working on the course, but you can get early access to some of the lessons and also help me with your feedback, by joining the course Facebook group. Most people stay quiet for three minutes while thinking of a solution, and that is the worst strategy possible for them. The interviewer doesn’t want you to code in silence for ten minutes and then say that you finished. You can also mention what difference you made for the users. Does it cover the edge cases it should? I want you to pay special attention to how I speak and explain. We will comprehensively discuss all these steps in the last part of this article. 12) Searching: Searching is a core subject that everyone should know. The interviewer is truly interested in finding more about you, so start with a concise introduction of the project, explaining what it’s about. If you are applying for a programming position, one thing is positive – you will be asked to write some code. Turn this presentation into your advantage! You got the green light from the interviewer? The approach I suggest here, is very simple. The two things I want you to remember is to practice a lot before and talk aloud during the interview, period. Hence, in this article, I want to share my experience with the coding interview and tell you the straightest way to pass it. In the end, we over-delivered with many features, and my favourite one is that the users can update the rooms of the hospital, instead of being hard coded. You might be a great programmer in real life, a coding ninja, a hero or even a superstar, but that might not be enough to be ready for interview questions. After you write it, try to see what’s the response from the interviewer. Implement a generator of the power set of the set and the n-Queen problem. Let’s dig into the code. !, or is it?). In some of the cases, when time was up, I ended up with only half of the solution written on the white board, doing the best to explain my intentions verbally to the interviewer. The practice system tells you exactly the test case where your code failed. Now the interviewer will give you the chance to ask him any question that you might be interested in. It basically refers to taking the best decision possible at a specific moment, without considering future consequences. In case you need more clarity about a question, you may use expected output button to see output for your given input. Before you get invited to the coding interview, you need to apply for the position and have a CV that shines among the others. That’s not a problem at all! Can I have a look at the code to be sure there are no mistakes?”. Some companies ask you to code on a blackboard or Google docs, where there is no word highlight, so make sure that you feel comfortable with the language. Did you know that every social network is just a huge graph? The interviewer is expecting you to find the most optimal solution, code it and explain what you have just coded. “Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in C++”. Also, make your code look clean and neat. It’s easy to spot a fake personality that tries to trick you. Solve this challenge: Implement a Stack with a MAX API, meaning that at every moment you can ask what is the maximum element in the stack. So, the first thing when you receive the problem is to make an idea of the data structure that you need to use. Master these 15 underlying patterns to interview questions, and you’ll be able to tackle … Know very well their best, average and worst case complexities. They miss a big chance to find out more about the company and the job itself! After you spot the data structure, think of typical algorithms and problems that you have seen before using this data structure. So simply say: “I see that there is a bug. I believe that in this point the interviewer knows already that you CAN solve the thinking part of the question, it’s only a matter of code. Make the interviewer really understand what you want to say, and don’t assume he gets bored while hearing to you.
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