This veg biryani needs no patience and can be made very quickly with some of the basic veggies that are easily available at home on day to day basis. Egg Biryani Rice Cooker Method: Quick Tip: Very important step to follow for any biryani is to gently wash the rice and soak it in lots of water for at least 20 minutes. Veg biryani in cooker is a quick rice delicacy made my mixing rice in sauteed veggies.. Making vegetable biryani or any other biryani is time consuming and needs a lot of patience. Pour away the water and refill the bowl. So before starting to cook, soak rice … The steps are simple, and cooking Basmati is a convenient and easy thing to do in a rice cooker: Weigh the amount of rice you want, place it into a bowl with some water, and swirl it around with your hand. This prevents the rice grains from becoming starchy and mushy later. How to cook basmati in a rice cooker?
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