It was a very nice gathering. 5 years ago Be sure to compact your sandbed very well and flatten it nicely. Have a look and tell me what you building!Simon:-), Reply Attach the bottom plate to the concrete hearth slab using concrete screws. Then you can build up walls up to the oven floor height. Mixing could be achieved with a concrete mixer, but i don't think it would work for kneading. The easiest way to make your door, is sawing it out of wood. Smaller and faster to build. You can finish your indoor brick pizza ovens with stucco, brick or stone. I got my hands on this detailed step by step guide, helped out a lot, check it out, 8 years ago This was made because of the different expansion under heat. Now i'm enhancing the doughs and toppings ;-), Definitely a good plan. Overview If you want to do this, think of it from the beginning. It needs some experience and a contactless thermometer helps a lot. So we still lost some heat. It worked with the tarp and pine wood without melting or charring, but i will use oak where it gets hot.We will add a thin layer of clay plaster 1cm/0.5inch when we remove the temporary roof. I also keep the door open. To minimize this effect, use as little clay as possible. Smaller and faster to build. The main advantage of a chimney is to take the smoke out of your face. Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. In my case, the size of the firebricks and the height of my ovendoor determined the remaining measurements. Our oven wasn't completely dry as you can see, but it felt hard to touch. I also bought a used professional electric pizza oven two years ago. You have to decide this for yourself. Then i started to do flammenkuchen's and cut them up into small slices, so everyone could take as much as they wanted. that is very sleek and compact. You should make these tests because of this: clay holds water and this water will evaporate. I agree once you've got your oven working you must spend time perfecting the actual pizza! In the production mixture, you also have to add some straw, cut up to 2.5 to 5cm or 1 to 2 inch pieces. aside from my blog ( I have now produced a downloadable eBook containing everything you need to know in order to build your own oven. I built one at the workshop, then mine and then one for a friend. Wow that guy clearly has a pizza obsession! My oven was almost a 100 deg Celsius 212 deg Fahrenheit on the outside, without insulation. If you add water, you should be able to roll it into snakes in your hands and bend it with minimal cracking. This may take some time, since you want it rather dry and compact. It's no substitute for your Microwave... it's rather in the slowfood class, even if you can bake a pizza in 2-3 minutes. I had the chance to use a oven with a chimney, but decided against it for my oven. (So many projects, so little time ;-), 7 years ago We further made a temporary roof with the tarp we used for mixing and kneading the mud mix. 9 years ago For my oven, i had to mount the oven door somehow. Thank you. Thanks for the tips. The Pizza Oven Opening Set the location of the front wall of the oven enclosure so that the brick arch at the oven opening projects forward by a couple of inches. When you make these tests, be sure to take notes on how much sand and soil you used, so you know the mixture for "production scale". First because of the time i'd need to rephrase it in my own words and second because i don't want any copyright issues coming down on me. To mix, roll the tarp from one side to the other, so the whole mix will be rolled and well mixed. We then made bricks out of this mixture and used them for building. Mix it well and add water until the consistency is right. (two buckets of sand, one bucket of cut straw) I have to admit, i bought the straw cut up. Then you have the right temp to bake bread.Since this is my first instructable, forgive me my wrongdoings. I'm creating an series of articles on pizza ovens. Nice article mate. We were only two, my brew-buddy and me. BTW. After another week, i started my first fire. It also needs the right moisture content, otherwise your mound will fall apart. This timing actually matches my normal dough fermenting pattern.Here you can see a couple pictures of my baking endeavors.You can see some of my "devices" that i need to bake as well. Try to keep the width of the wall constant over the whole oven.
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