Here’s how to become the mayor of Wakanda and complete the new Black Panther Challenge in BitLife. How did you become president/prime minister in BitLife? 14. That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Porn Star to President Challenge in BitLife. Keep in mind, some parts of the journey rely on luck. How do you become President? How to complete the Black Panther Challenge. Among the challenges that are presented to us in the game, this time we have to do with Black Panther, in which we are required to become mayor of Wakanda, it is a country possibly known to many of us when watching the movie of Marvel, it is necessary then that we know how to be the mayor of Wakanda and for this to consider the following content is necessary, let's see it. Today we are back to show you how to become the president in your BitLife world. Yes, unfortunately you will have to pay $4.99 USD for the ability to become the leader of a country (you don't need to be a Bitizen to run for things like School Board Director, Mayor, or Governor). While you are here, check out how to become royalty as well. BitLife - Life Simulator is the new life simulator on the block, and it's mercilessly addictive. We breakdown the exact steps you can follow to become President, or Prime Minister, in BitLife. It’s a serious title to hold, and getting there is no easy task. Today Touch Tap Play will explain the process of becoming the president, in spirit of the 2020 election. You can begin your political journey by becoming a Mayor and governor and eventually trying to take the White House. In the game of BitLife, you can become anything you want, including the President of the United States. To be the President in BitLife, you are first going to need to get Bitizenship. ... Yeah, I served as a school board official for two terms before becoming mayor for two and then served 7 consecutive terms as country chair just to not make the ballot for PM because I didn’t have enough fame. Whether you want to save lives as a doctor, become a private eye, or even rob a bank and become a famous criminal, BitLife lets you do whatever you want. The Black Panther Challenge requirements are as follows: Start a second-generation life; Be born a male in Kenya; Earn the top belt in every martial art; Become the mayor of Wakanda Close.
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