View abstract. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. View abstract. These include helping you to lose weight, fighting respiratory problems, lowering blood pressure, making your bones stronger and even boosting your immune system. HALBEISEN, T. [Antibiotic substance obtained from Cochlearia armoracia L.]. All rights reserved. How much Water is in Horseradish? 1957;141(3):182-197. Anonymous. Now stop being a mouse and be a MAN. Amoraciae Rusticanae Radix, Armoracia lopathifolia, Armoracia rusticana, Cochlearia armoracia, Cran de Bretagne, Cranson, Grand Raifort, Great Raifort, Meerrettich, Mountain Radish, Moutarde des Allemands, Moutarde des Capucins, Moutardelle, Nasturtium armoracia, Pepperrot, Rábano Picante, Rábano Rústico, Radis de Cheval, Raifort, Raifort Sauvage, Red Cole, Rorippa armoracia. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Not Too Much, Not Too Little. A horseradish poultice may cause blisters to form on the skin. It is one of those foods that has been around forever and is used as a spice in sauces to compliment your roast beef sandwich, as an accompaniment to your favorite sushi, or it can be used for medicinal purposes to help combat inflammatory diseases. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using. The horseradish root is used as a condiment and may be grated and mixed with other flavorings to make sauce or relish.Lininger 1998 Young, tender leaves have been used as a potherb and as a salad green. For example, horseradish can cause irritation and/or burning to multiple sites that involve mucous membranes. Horseradish is a spicy substance that belongs to the mustard family, which can irritate sensitive or delicate areas of the body. This is what happens when you eat too much horseradish. Too much horseradish can cause stomach and intestinal irritation. The site also points out that it is often confused with Japanese wasabi which has a very different taste, but when you go to a Japanese restaurant in the United States, you are most likely getting some horseradish mixed with green dye and not real wasabi, which adds to the confusion. Curr Med Res Opin 2007;23(10):2415-22. Albrecht U, Goos KH, Schneider B. This survey is being conducted by the WebMD marketing sciences department. WECHSELBERG, K. [In vitro studies on the effect of oily plant extracts from Tropaeolum maius, Cochlearia armoracia and Allium sativum on growth of tubercle bacteria.]. Can Help Treat Urinary Tract Infections. Horseradish seems to decrease the thyroid. Luczaj, L. and Szymanski, W. M. Wild vascular plants gathered for consumption in the Polish countryside: a review. However, Healthline is quick to point out that there is not a lot of solid research about the possible problems that could be associated with eating too much horseradish, nor is there sufficient information about its effect on children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. This copyrighted material is provided by Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version. Z Hyg Infektionskr 1958;145(4):380-394. CONDITIONS OF USE AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION: © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. WebMD also states that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid consuming large amounts of the spice as it is deemed "unsafe" and can cause a miscarriage. Arzneimittelforschung 1957;7(5):321-324. 1 decade ago. According to Leaf TV, too much horseradish can cause some irritation in your mouth and intestines due to its spicy nature, while also causing the proverbial upset stomach. SCHINDLER, E., ZIPP, H., and MARTH, I. Still, foodies love it. The antibiotic properties of horseradish can help treat … [Efficacy and safety profile of a herbal drug containing nasturtium herb and horseradish root in acute sinusitis, acute bronchitis and acute urinary tract infection in comparison with other treatments in the daily practice/results of a prospective cohort study]. View abstract. But it has some beneficial effects on your health too. KIENHOLZ, M. [Studies of antibacterial substances from horseradish (Cochlearia armoracia), nasturtium (Tropaeolum maius) and garden peppergrass (Lepidium sativum).]. It makes you a man. Horseradish is a powerful and pungent plant connected to a wide variety of health benefits, including its ability to aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure, alleviate respiratory conditions, build strong bones, improve the immune system, stimulate healthy digestion, promote heart health, and lower the chances of neural tube defects in infants. View abstract. [Comparative clinical studies on non-specific urinary tract infections with an enzyme-glycoside mixture obtained from horseradish roots (Cochlearia armoracia L.)].
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