Marriage and family therapists: $49,170 Clinical social workers: $46,890 Licensed professional counsellors: $42,840 Clinical and counselling psychologists: 73,570 Careers in … 3 years ago. How Much Do Physical Therapists Make an Hour? This rule appears to hold true for the PT field as well. Typically, states that have higher cost of living, as well as higher demand for the particular profession, tend to offer higher salaries. In this article, we’ll cover the factors that go into how much a massage therapist makes, and how that changes if they work for a massage company or if they’re self-employed. Occupational Therapists made a median salary of $84,270 in 2018. How Much Does an Occupational Therapist Make? I recently graduated with my master's in marriage and family therapy. Massage Therapist Pay: Private Practice vs. In 2018, Physical Therapists in New York earned an average income of $87,470 a year, while those in California averaged $97,110 per year. 2020 Therapists, All Other in Twin City, GASalary Guide: How much do Therapists, All Other make in Twin City, GA? Careers in the US: The numbers below represent the average median salaries for each profession. How much do therapists make. How Much Do Therapists Get Paid a Year?. To answer the question “How Much Do Therapists Make?” we have to take into consideration that the salaries vary and can range widely depending on education, training and the area or setting. All therapists not listed separately. The best paying states for physical therapists are Nevada, New Jersey, Alaska, California, New Mexico, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, Connecticut and Alabama. For instance, in the US salaries can range between $30,000 to $100,000 a year. Answer to: How much do recreation therapists make in California? But one thing that massage therapists may be taking into consideration is how much money they’ll make on their own vs. working for an employer. Another factor that can significantly influence a PT’s salary is where they live. How Much Do Therapists Make? Employee . How Much Do Physical Therapists Make in Each State? Careers related to health care often revolve around providing ongoing therapy to prevent or remedy mental and physical problems. The term "therapist" can describe any worker who provides some form of mental or psychological treatment.
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