Niko, accompanied by Roman, finds Darko and, after a tense confrontation, is given the choice of either killing him, which leads to Niko feeling "empty", or sparing and letting him run away, which will cause Niko to feel better. Refer to this guide when you are stuck on a mission, or request further help from other people who have completed the game at our forum. 1. Niko soon begins working for the McReary family, as he is blackmailed into helping corrupt cop Francis (whom he briefly met during his work for Manny) by killing several people who possess incriminating evidence against him, and assists Patrick on several robberies, most notably that of the Bank of Liberty. Niko is also introduced to Jon Gravelli, the eldery and dying Don of the Gambetti Crime Family - the most powerful of the five Italian Mafia families within the Commission - by United Liberty Paper. Over time, Pegorino grows more paranoid and believes to be sorrounded by rats, asking Niko to kill his bodyguard Anthony Corrado, who was revealed to be an FIB informant, and later Ray Boccino as well, whom he suspected of being an informant. During this time, Niko befriends Patrick and develops a relationship with his sister Kate. Niko later meets Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov, Roman's Russian loan shark, who gives him several debt-collecting jobs to keep Roman from sinking into debt. Niko begins helping Bernie with several favours, first killing a man who has attacked him due to his homosexual nature. Niko and Roman confront Florian, who changed his name to Bernie Crane and has become a homosexual, and discover that he is not the traitor, meaning that the one who betrayed the squad can only be the other known survivor: Darko Brevic. Ray Boccino later contacts Niko once again, offering him an apartment in Alderney and introducing him to his friend and associate Phil Bell. GTA VC - GTA SA - GTA IV -, GTA 4-94 Missions (Excluding the side missions), GTA Vice City Missions(total, including races etc.) GTA IV Missions (total) = 146. However, there is a lot more to do in GTA 5, apart from the story. How do you think about the answers? Niko quickly takes a personal disliking towards Escuela, but working for Torres, he makes new criminal connections, including Irish gangster Patrick McReary, after saving him during a bothced deal, and drug dealer Playboy X, after assisting him and The Lost MC vice-president Johnny Klebitz on a botched heroin deal. Following the robbery, the bridges to Alderney open, unlocking the entire city, and Niko works for the rest of the McReary brothers, namely Derrick, who took part in the heist and is a retired mobster, having recently returned from Ireland (where he ran to hide from the mbo) and employs Niko to deal with several problems from his past, and Gerald, who planned the robbery and is the leader of the Irish Mob, employing Niko to attack the Albanian Mob to ruin the truce between them and the Ancelotti Crime Family, on the Pegorino Family's behalf. Niko also discovers that Roman is heavily in debt and has problems with the loan sharks. And, of course, some characters and their respective missions may not be unlocked until certain missions are completed. Using the money, Roman buys himself and Niko an apartment in Algonquin, then restarts his taxi company. 4. 7. Exotic Exports - Steal cars for Brucie Kibbutz. However, as soon as he arrives and meets with Roman, he discovers that all of his cousin's stories were lies: in reality, Roman lives in a heavily-cramped apartment and runs a small taxi service. Successfully complete all 50 stunt jumps to … Niko successfully retrieves the drugs, but when he goes to give them to Jacob, he is surprised to find Michelle, who reveals herself as an undercover government agent actually named Karen, and brings him before her agency, known only by it's cover: United Liberty Paper. In 2008, Niko Bellic, an Eastern European war veteran and former human trafficker, arrives in Liberty City aboard a cargo ship called the Platypus, for multiple reasons: to avoid an old rival, find the man who sold out his unit during the war, and reunite with his cousin Roman Bellic, who invited him to come to the city in the first place, and in his letters told him that he was living a life full of riches, women, sports cars, mansions and luxury. You can sign in to vote the answer. After all the completion of all these missions, the ending of the game commences. During his work for Faustin, Niko is introduced by Roman to his friend Brucie Kibbutz and the internet. However, Luca and his crew betray Boccino and plan to run away with the diamonds, forcing Niko to kill them in order to retrieve the diamonds. He also learns from Patrick that Gerald was arrested shortly before the funeral. Stevie's Car Thefts - Steal cars for Stevie. Regardless, Niko then attends the funeral, fending off several Albanian mobsters who attack it in retaliation for Niko's attacks on them earlier, and either cuts all his ties with Derrick, or blackmails Francis into helping him escape from the police whenever he will need (which lasts only until the end of the storyline). Later, Roman's fortunes suddenly improve when the latter receives a large amount of money from an insurance claim he made on his destroyed business. Niko receives an angry call from Elizabeta, who tells him that Little Jacob sold some of her cocaine to the Angels of Death, and they had ripped both of them off. In exchange for his work for him, Boccino helps Niko track down Florian Cravic, one of the two survivors of his old squad. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At one point, Roman suddenly disappears and Mallorie informs Niko that he has been kidnapped by Dimitri's men. After Petrovic threatens to retaliate, Niko later meets with Dimitri privately, who explains that he needs to kill Faustin to make amends with Petrovic. Should he kill Dwayne, Playboy pays him for the hit, before cutting all ties with him, regreting that he hired Niko to kill his mentor. The exchange goes well at first, until Ray Bulgarin arrives and orders his men to kill Niko and retrieve the diamonds. Surgeon general: What to do if you had an unsafe holiday, Report: Sean Connery's cause of death revealed, Padres outfielder sues strip club over stabbing, Biden twists ankle playing with dog, visits doctor, Virus-depleted Broncos have historically bad day, Mysterious metal monolith in Utah desert vanishes, Jolie becomes trending topic after dad's pro-Trump rant, How Biden's plans could affect retirement finances, Doctor's office probed in wake of Maradona's death, Judges uphold Kentucky governor's school order, Travel restrictions likely to run through Christmas: Fauci. GTA Vice City Missions(total, including races etc.) Bell employs Niko for several jobs, such as stealing a truck full of heroin from the Triads, and helping him steal the remaining drugs of the Ancelotti Family from Dimitir's men, and later recommends him to his boss, Jimmy Pegorino.
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