Use the smooth cycle on the soup maker. After a quick google search, I came across lots of different versions and this is the one I settled on trying. Remove the fromage frais from the fridge & allow to come to room temperature. I wish I knew who the original creator of the recipe … If you are using a soup maker I will suggest to blend the ingredients first as the beans have tendency to burn at the bottom. Slimming World friendly tomato soup recipe, that tastes just like Heinz! 11.5 Syns Yep it's a lot of Syns for a bowl of tomato soup. Preheat the oven to 180C. Fromage Frais (c) 1 Garlic clove (s) 1 Red onion, quartered (s) 400g … Add all ingredients together in soup maker, otherwise in pan. Tomato puree (s) 1 Tbsp. Spray a oven dish with frylight, roast the onion & garlic for 20 mins, remove from … Serves 2 Ingredients: ½ Tsp Balsamic vinegar 1 Tsp Dried basil 1 Tsp Worcester sauce 1 Tsp Sweetener 1 Tbsp. I blended a little bit more at the end to make sure the soup … At any given time, I’ve usually got a big container of soup ready in the fridge that can be heated up to make a slimming … I’ve been really fancying Heinz Tomato soup recently but it’s not very Slimming World friendly at 11.5 syns a tin.
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