My work takes me to some interesting areas, especially lately. Here are the knives posting on October 30, 2020 for Fiddleback Friday! Apple wood scales, steel hammering butt and copper. Here are the knives posting on November 13, 2020 for Fiddleback Friday! Custom spay point camp knife, cottonwood burl. Fiddleback Forge Knives are crafted using durable, time-tested steels and handle materials. Our sub-forum is packed with information, resources, & fellowship. Shop We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks Perfect Hunter, Pico, American Gyuto and also Warlander Enterprises Forester. Forging allows a Bladesmith the freedom to create the knife both he and the customer want. A versatile blade good for everyday chores, heavy enough for battoning. We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks Tiny Dancer, Gambit and Modern Yakut and also Warlander Enterprises Dragon Claw. A little file work on ... Over all length is 8.5 inches, 9 inches over all in sheath, 4 inch cutting edge. Reground and oil heat treated and tempered to a hardness of 59-60 rc. by Brian Griffin I like to forge Damascus and traditional patterns, such as; Bowie Knives, Daggers, Hunters, Skinners, Drop Points, Camp Knives and Axes. As a past restaurant owner, I know how ... Crafted from 3/16th thick old circular saw steel from a mill in southern Oregon. My mission is to make an original knife that looks good and performs great at a reasonable price. Fiddlback's first designs were the first 2 Fiddlebacks that I purchased (and still have)...they are the 3 Finger Joe in Ironwood and the Runt in Rosewood. My mission is to make an original knife that looks good and performs great at a reasonable price. Handle is stabilized redwood burl with a brass spacers and liners with copper fittings. The best knives start with the best materials. EDC, spay point utility crafted from Idaho lumber mill saw steel, reground,  oil heat treated, tempered and etched. I explained that my pen had died, and I needed another because he was at an important point. October 14, 2020. Site designed and operated by Fiddleback Outpost. Grunde L. Sign up to get the latest on new releases first, as well as news & events! You see, I’ve just had an epic week of hunting and fishing so this article for Fiddleback Forge was certainly going to include the amazing bow hunting experience in Kent, Connecticut and catching monster fish in Albion, New York. Trust me, this story is going to be worth bending the terms. Crafted from 1/8th inch thick lumber mill circular saw steel (8670), similar to L6 tool steel. This probably mirrors the sentiment of the majority of us who have been regulars on the sub-forum and Fiddleback owners. Recycled  steel from a large lumber mill circular saw just under 3/16th thick. Saw steel is recycled from the local wood mills and reborn. Most thinner blades are reground from 8670 or 15N20, thicker blades from 80Crv2 ( all similar to L6 tool steel). by Kevin Estela Over all length is 10 inches,  cutting edge is 5.25 inches. Fiddleback Forge's purpose-built line of knives are derived from the proven handcrafted knife designs of Andy Roy. Thomas M. Beautiful knives with superb build quality! He laughed and said yes it's very important, which is why I stopped to see what was going on. Because they're the ones we've spent time becoming familiar with, and are the ones we know most intimately. Fits in the palm with the 1st three fingers. About The Forge Nothing screams “BAD ASS” like a custom made piece of War-Art that is as functional as it is beautiful. That started my collection and I’ve owned over 60 Fiddleback and family knives - and still expanding! 2 oz. He was explaining an important step when my pen ran out of ink, so I was hurriedly looking through my pack for another. Cutting ... Over all length is 6.25 inches, cutting edge is 3 inches. Master knifemaker and designer, Andy Roy, finishes each knife personally to make sure you are getting the highest quality knife imaginable. So they're not the best ones simply because they're in our possession, which obviously will be extremely helpful in any case, more importantly they're the best ones because we've had them. Horizontal carry leather sheath is custom ... 15 inches over all,  the blade is 9.75 inches. Handle is dark green/grey linen micarta with red liners, brass pins. We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks Paloma and Brutus and also Warlander Enterprises Bushwacker. Weighs 1 lb. Trey S. Love Fiddleback Forge, awesome knives! I have met few that use a knife like I do and fiddleback is my choice. Hand Forged - Camp Trade Knife - 1095 High Carbon Steel. So these little kits have developed to contain a variety of contingency items, chosen based on their likelihood of use at the time and place, and still discretely disappear into a pouch or cargo pocket until needed. Hand-Forged Tomahawks & Knives Throwing Hawks, Camp Axes, Throwing Knives. Models include the Runt, Solo, F2, Loner, Bear Cub, Bushcrafter Jr, Kephart, Reaper, Bushfinger, Recluse, Bush Hermit & More. Some want to know more about it; how it developed and what it contains, so I thought I'd dedicate this article to it. There is a lot of truth in this statement, I dare say the best knife for the majority of our cutting chores all through our lives will be the ones we have with us. I stand behind my work as long as it is not abused. Own four of them so far... — Custom spay point camp knife, cottonwood burl, Custom etched Camp/chef knife, Pheasant wood, Mountain Man neck knife, bear claw and mammoth tusk. All rights reserved. High Carbon Steel, Hand Forged - … Our shop is located in northern Georgia. ( Buckskin pouch not included, see Porcupine Quill Art in Favorite Artisans), My shop in the mountains of North Idaho. Crazy sharp and feels right in the hand. We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks Paloma and Brutus and also Warlander Enterprises Bushwacker. We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks American Gyuto and Warlander Enterprises Mesquite. November 11, 2020. Fiddleback Forge’s knives are highly sought after by knife aficionados and avid outdoorsmen alike. Indexing is immediate even in pitch black darkness, and we know all their little quirks and characteristics. Contact me today. Over all length is 5.25 in. Fiddleback Forge In addition we offer Damascus Steel blades in many patters such as raindrop, twist, fire, ladder and feather tie name some Therefore whatever your needs are we sell both retail and wholesale to customers that need … Access and deployment are well rehearsed from use, so it happens intuitively and smoothly. More →. Each unique knife is made by hand at the Fiddleback Forge shop. A pleasure to use. We also have apprentice knives: J.B Knifeworks Hatchet & Layman Combo and also Warlander Enterprises Grizzly. Reground, oil heat treated and tempered and acid etched. Crafted from high carbon steels by stock removal and forging. Contact me! by Allison Neumann I used to collect a lot of tactical folders and high end factory knives but I am much happier with the support, look, feel, and more personal approach by far with your organization. by Brian Griffin Spice Tin, Fire Kit, Altoid Tin, steel tin. Most industrial saw steel steel is recycled from the wood mills of North Idaho, originally imported from Sweden and Germany.
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