Who makes the age ranges for the products and why do they seem so strange? If you are certain you don’t want to keep the boxes, they are worth money, and there is a demand for them. Other options New from $39.95. If you have any questions or answers you would like to contribute to the F.A.Q, please let us know in the forum on Popvinylfaq.com. But be careful if you do decide to remove them, they can tear and damage the box reducing its value. Check out the full list of our exclusives and some added extras, (like those from NYCC) to increase the value of your Pop! After a few weeks of negotiations and research into his background I told him no. They usually sell for about $2-$3. There are so many Pops available now, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. Greg, I look at it like buying a car. Convention Exclusive: Convention logo shows the figure was purchased on-site at the Funko booth at the event or convention. I would like to know if Funko has any meaning or if its just a name the company got. It does have the 3+ age in the front. $5.10 shipping. Eg Heroes , DC Comics aren’t they are the same. Is there any indication that a pop might be taken off the shelf soon and try to buy it before the price shoots up, Hi Smiley Chris, The best indication is to check Funko’s Vault Website, and see which Pop’s have been retired (Vaulted). It is one of the … $53.70 $ 53. However, like most collectibles, they are not as valuable as an original series item. Some things to consider when making your decision: This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and there really is no definitive answer. Size: Standard Verified Purchase. figures, right here on the Pop In A Box Limited Edition page! A small drop of cooking oil on a soft rag has been reported as working very well. Sticker features depend on the point of purchase. Whilst they are not as valuable as the original versions, they are still nice to have. And in your guys’ opinion, will the value of that pop decrease in price over time, or will the price increase? The Nerd Store has some good printable checklists, but they are not always up to date. Serials begin with A. Specialty Series: The are exclusives made available to locally-owned shops and smaller retail outlets. Hi. They are identifiable by the uniquely embellished oversize heads on springs which bobble about when shaken, hence the term Bobble-Head. I’m not speaking from booksmarts or to be self-aggrandizing. The stickers on the clear plastic part of the box indicate that the item is some sort of exclusive or rarity (IE – From Comic-Con). figures, right here on the Pop In A Box Limited Edition page! i need help. Identify a genre or franchise that appeals to you, and start collecting in that sub-group. What do I do? ... Special Edition: Silver special edition are US retailer exclusives that have been made available to an international retailer as well. Does a special edition sticker versus the hot topic exclusive sticker mean it’s a fake. Do you have specific group names or links that people use? Sicher dir Limited Edition von Pop In A Box, dem Zuhause von Funko Pop! Like are there individual say disney series or is disney a series or is series just the generations? They will usually post many photos of their work, and you can check their feedback from customers in the comments to see if they may be right for your job. Get your hands on some amazing new, rare and grail Pops! Hopefully this helped! Limited Edition and Exclusive Funko Pop! Originals seem to be around 2010-12 and the re release pops are dated 2015 and above, An Original date stamp VS a Re Release Date Stamp, MIB = Mint In Box For the trolls and booksmarts that may find this post and want to prove their bookread intelligence I say this: Law is never exact, laws are written in black and white in order to trap the grays. What is a Pop Asia Re-Release? This in and of itself is a fat law book of a definition, but Webster says it is this: “a legal doctrine that portions of copyrighted materials may be used without permission of the copyright owner provided the use is fair and reasonable, does not substantially impair the value of the materials, and does not curtail the profits reasonably expected by the owner”. IE Cat-Dog is rated G so 3 and up where as Guns N Roses content would be rated PG or perhaps M, so they are 14+. Shared Exclusive: Same product as the Convention exclusive but was purchased at the retailer or Funko Shop. I had him removed from both venues by the event management just by showing them my official USPTO Patents which I would display in my booths on all occasions. As long as you stop now, (and haven’t made a shitload of money) they ain’t going to make a TMZ story out of it. Limited Edition and Exclusive Funko Pop! The laws are written in black and white terms, but there are many gray areas. If you find yourself heavily into collecting Pops, they will eventually take up a LOT of space if you wish to display them. What Is Collectors Corps/Loot Crate Etc…? If it is a misprint then it’s worth some money. I took the sticker of the bottom which is the date it was made and that would it take the price away. Price Tag Residue On Clear Plastic – Remove everything from inside the box, then flatten it out. Dont quote me on it, but I think thats the gist. If you are looking to buy brand new Pops at regular retail prices, you cant go past Popcultcha.com.au. Thanks for reading, Although the majority of Pop Vinyls have bobbling heads, this is not possible with all characters. There is an easy way to tell the difference between an original and a re-release. I think I read somewhere the age rating is based on the content the pop comes from. im trying to buy one for a friend but i dont know what is the difference when they say 7eleven exclusive, or if its legit? It’s also a good idea to start with current regulars/commons that are readily available and easy to find. In other words, A very special, rare, desirable, and usually expensive pop. A Funko Pop Vinyl is a stylized vinyl collectible figurine manufactured by the Funko company in Everett Washington USA. . Hello, what does it mean when a Pop figure says “1500 LE” (for example the new Mr. Toad pop figure). $44.95 $ 44. There are a couple of different Batman Funko Pop toys available, but the blue metallic one is pretty rare. You can view them HERE. A chase Edition is a variation of a Figure that is more rare. They need to be charged. If you want to find something rare or retired quickly, Ebay.com is your best bet. But Hollywood has money and influence (lawyers) so when my “spoof” went viral and attracted the attention of the company (within 2 days) my broke ass got a letter telling me to stop or I would be sued. $39.95 $ 39. The yellow Jacket has a ton of small breakable pieces that a kid could choke on, and the Fred looks completely harmless. And people are going to take “yours” and “original” and tweak it just enough to make it “theirs”. I have an issue with a Funko product I purchased. (during his first trial), chances are you’re going to get skirted too. Some retail outlets in Australia include: A number of companies make plastic sleeves and cases to keep dust away, and prevent discoloration. I bought it at Gamestop. PC is short for popcultcha.com.au. So you are straddling two (or 3, or more) different intellectual property areas, and as such flying under the proverbial intellectual property laws radar. Hi where is a reliable place to start trading? An Exclusive is a Pop that has been produced in a limited amount of numbers, usually for a special events like Comic Conventions. Allyson. They too have very active and vibrant communities you can check out. An original first run will not have an age bubble in the front bottom right hand corner of the box. PaladinLeeroy this response may be way too late for you, since I haven’t seen you on this site again, but for anyone else that may wind up here looking for an answer to his question here is a way drawn out answer: Joe, Greg & Geoff had the right answer, to a degree…only if you combine all three, and add a bunch of “what ifs”, “if this’s” and “but if that’s” to it. How do the series work? Vinyl Figure (Includes Compatible Pop Box Protector Case) 4.6 out of 5 stars 8. Pop Vinyl Facebook Groups and Discussion Boards are the best place to find customisers. Chase: Chase figures are a variant of the common figure and usually a 1/6 rarity. Pops are all worth different amounts due to their exclusivity. collection. Hi there! Can anyone tell me what (RS) means please? What do I do. After a few days of petitioning to get them removed from the sites I saw them on, I saw them on several other sites, from several other people who have also stolen my design. OOB = Out Of Box 32 results Find the latest Pop In A Box Exclusives and limited edition Pop! FREE Shipping. Chek them out HERE. Help. Retailer Exclusive: A wide variety of retailers offer items that only available at their store or website.
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