Other options New and used Has its launch in 2018 at the San Diego Comic Con and has the collection number #317. Nappa Check out the Pop! A vaulted and super rare Goku Funko Pop in his God version, with the hair completely red like the eyes. This Goku Funko Pop was a Funimation exclusive and has the collection number #24. Vegeta, I’m so happy about Kid Buu and Radditz. Buy on Amazon. His uniform also varies a lot from the rest of the saga. It has the collection number #553. Here you can find all your favourite DBZ characters including Vegeta, Goku, Mecha Frieza, Perfect Cell, and many more! This Beerus Funko … So did Funko just recently do a re-release of the Planet Arlia Vegeta but his eyebrows are raised? I just wanted to thank this website! We are NOT affiliated with Funko Inc. Funkohouse is created by real fans of the Funko products. We can see the “M” on his forehead and his classic blue outfit with white boots. That’s why Funko has released many Dragon Ball Funko Pops over the years. It has the collection number #402. It has the collection number #155. The release also includes Future Trunks, Whis, Zamasu, and more. Shrum It has the dragon spheres at the bottom and has really interesting details. KEYCHAINS. You are not the only one! Just finished ordering the last of the collection needed. This finally gives me an accurate list! $9.59 $ 9. Check out your favourite characters as collectable Funko Pop figures - Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Mecha Frieza, Trunks and many more! Just pre-order the Failed Fusions :). So much money spent, not a single dollar wasted. Just got Dead Yamcha, ordered Broly from Hot Topic Website before they sold out and I have someone at ComicCon picking me up Gold Chrome Vegeta. Goku It sewms like Funko doesnt hqve much for DBZ fqns this summer (17′). It was released in 2018 exclusively at the Comic Con in San Diego. Target Exclusives Heroes DC – Batman Art Series Funko Pops! I’d do anything to get my hands on Planet Arlia Vegeta. This Funko Pop represents a wounded Vegeta after the fight against Goku. There are also figures that honor the original Dragon Ball story as well as offshoots like Resurrection 'F' and Dragon Ball Super. Looking for the Red Eyes Frieza without having to overpay. This Vegeta Funko Pop has brown hair and a tracker. I would like a Tien, Chao-Su, Yamcha, Corrin, Gohan from the Cell Games and a Roshi Pop. This Vegeta Funko Pop presents the uniform he used in the movie “The Resurrection of Frieza”. My collection is now complete again. Belmod & Marcarita. Mira It has the collection number #120. I have them all but of course missing the most expensive one. The god of destruction is present in this list. We scouted the internet and came up with a list, presented from the cheapest to the number one most expensive. If you want to manage your personal Funko collection and wishlist, click here to learn about our mobile app. With the new wave came Funko has done it all. This Funko Pop was launched in 2016 at the Comic Con in San Diego. Heles & Sour POPS! It wears the classic uniform with the symbol of the turtle. Thank you for this list that has stayed quite consistent ! Although its a damn good copy, even has the serial code imprinted on the bottom. This Goku Funko Pop has the blue hair typical of the Super Saiyan Blue. Kid Buu FINALLY my collection is complete. Would be nice if you had a list under the checklist what was just the date, and the things that were changed/added? 59 $12.99 $12.99. Mail (will not be published) (required), © Copyright 2008-2020 The Cardboard Connection. My arlia is a fake as well (assuming) because i bought it for 60 bucks. Animation Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Vinyl Figure, Multicolor, Model:FU43008. The vinyl figure line includes key characters from the popular animated franchise. Complete Pokemon Funko Pop List With Links To Buy Them All – Updated! Demigra 09 Goku (HT) 10 Vegeta. Have you ever wondered which are the rarest and most expensive Dragon Ball Funko Pops that exist? 109 Goku & Flying Nimbus. Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z Vinyl Figures Gallery. 12 Frieza Final Form. Just need the Metalic Whis and collection is complete once again. Coming Soon Exclusive E3 2019 Ciri Funko Pop! Want to know which is the most expensive Funko Pop of all? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We’ve collected data with the help of the Funko app and poppriceguide. ... Dragon Ball Z Trunks Funko Pop! Buy Pop! Here’s my wish list of pops still not existing: Android 21 (Scientist) It has the collection number #445. Dragon Ball Z merchandise, including Funko Pop Vinyl Figures, mugs, posters and even DBZ Monopoly, are available on Pop In A Box! Top 10 Rarest And Most Expensive Disney Funko Pops of 2019, Top 10 Rarest And Most Expensive Batman Funko Pop Vinyls, Top 10 Rarest And Most Expensive SDCC 2018 Funko Pop List, ECCC 2020 Reveals Anime: Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops, Brand New Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops Are Coming Soon -…, Coming Soon Dragon Ball Z Box Hot Topic Exclusive w/…, NYCC 2019 Funko Reveals: Dragon Ball Z Vegeta &…. The Golden Frieza Funko Pop was released in 2015, also at the Comic Con of San Diego. Many figures have been issued over the years, including several Dragon Ball Z exclusives. 107 Trunks. Dragon Ball products on Pop In A Box UK - free delivery available. figures that should be added to the guide. It has the collection number #106. I recently had the entire Dragon Ball pop set up for sale on eBay and no buyers, only messages about if I would sell certain ones single, red eyed Frieza and Planet Arlia Vegeta. For a limited time only you can grab any 5 of these amazing Funko Pops for only £40! Once again thanks! Even to this day people are more fanatic than ever. The most popular Dragon Ball Funko Pop today and the most expensive one. Top 5 Rarest And Most Expensive Funko Pops of 2019! This Funko Pop has a light blue skin and a purple outfit with strange details (as presented by the TV series). Complete The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Funko Pop List, Funko Shop Exclusive: Alice Cranberry w/ Crescent Moon Diner Pop Town. And has collection number # 156. Here is the top 12 rarest and most expensive Dragon Ball Funko Pops that exist online. He wears the outfit of the final part of the Freeza saga. Goku and the gang are getting the Pop! Thanks! 4.7 out of 5 stars 860. That would be more beautiful than the umpteenth version of goku or vegeta.
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