I got a question for you, I joined a boxing gym in my local town, and we train at a youth center, and its cool and all but, my coach does not (well for me anyway) allow a lot of the new school techniques that I learn from your website such as dropping hands to chest level when hitting the bags so I can focus more on speed and snapping my punches, slipping punches, and different techniques for all punches. My question is not related to this topic, although I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time. 5 Tips to Survive Fight Week. Granted many professionals and amateurs are well versed in this intense period. Copyright © 2008–2020 ExpertBoxing. And I got a Kickboxing tournament to attend next month here in India. Email me when someone replies to my comment, An absolutely incredible post best the internet has ever seen bro.. This websit helps me mentally more than anything else does. Get my most advanced boxing tips, as soon as I write them...for FREE! The more you talk to yourself, the more you psyche yourself out. Hey Johnny, whats up? I have a couple articles and Youtube videos on speed…check them out. Stick to what you’re comfortable with! Find out who has your mouth guard, or better yet, keep it in your pocket. Throw it…and then worry about the response later on. Any tips. After you’re warmed up, you can relax but make sure you move around a bit every 20-30 minutes. Fight Preparation Tips Sleep. All the hard work and training is behind you. My boxing style is to punch fast and not necessary worry about power, to walk around my opponent when sparring (you know nice and relaxed), and I like to use footwork a lot. P.S i spare way better than my fights. I... by James, I have a pair of used grant 8 oz lace up pro gloves. Who needs a ride? Who’s got your cellphone? I guess you can call me a speedy runner always tagging you and moving. This is a distraction not needed in the final hours before a contest. The pro method will give you extra protection and support for your hands and wrist which can be beneficial since you’ll be using small gloves. Cool article, you really answer a lot of my questions, whether its training or sparring. Check out my profile and contact me if you’d like advice on preparing for Fight Night. This will only confuse you and keep you from doing what you’re good at, which is the stuff you’ve been doing all this time in the gym. Your friends and family are there to support you, but there fears, apprehensions and advice will not equal anything that your coaching team can give you. Different schools practice, drill and spar on different days, so the following example is simply to educate and provide a sample week. (A pro taught me this.). FIGHT is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. You’ve been training for this moment! This refers to Fight Night. I would recommend just shadowboxing and stretching in front of the TV. Figured I’d google some tips on what to avoid in the days leading up the fight. You have been around a ‘family’ of boxers who have your boxing interests at heart and understand your game plan and what you must do to execute it. All these exercises should be done in "sprints" in the neighborhood of 3 to 7 seconds long in order to get as close as possible to a real in-fight situation. Preparation here is about hard work, pure and simple. Granted many professionals and amateurs are well versed in this intense period. Should I switch boxing gyms? Start throwing and then FROM THERE, you can start adjusting where they go. It’s not a big deal. Appreciate the above tips. I’m sure that your cousin’s drunken boyfriend who boxed in the army means well when he is trying to teach you the punch that he won the regiment championship with in 2002, but it won’t help you win fight night. I’m having a fight next day tomorrow. Think how you’ll prepare, how tight you’ll do your laces, which glove you put on first. On the final week of fight camp, a fighter usually is at the peak of his/her conditioning as he/she makes weight. How it is estimated whether someone should be fighting on, say, Olympics, or on proffesional fights? Same goes with eating. Start warming up when you have about 1-2 hours before your fight. once again. If you have time please mail me. Extra tip: put one layer of the 1″ tape around the wrist of your back hand to give you a little extra power for that cross. Nice article Johnny, can see you know from first-hand experience what you’re talking about.
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