Some of the rites are religious while others are community-based. Protect, love and nurture them and they will grow up healthy and strong and be positive influences in our lives. Based on the issues raised during the meeting, participants agreed to implement a number of strategies, namely, outreach programmes to raise awareness on the effects of harmful cultural practices, involve males to challenge them on negative male masculinities and lobby with them on the transformation of negative social norms by engaging with boys.  E-mail:, Divide the students into groups of five, let them read and discuss the case study provided, Ask them to identify the effects of harmful cultural practices depicted in the case study, She  underwent  FGM  forcefully,  so  she  has    psychological trauma, She is also physically affected because she has lost a lot of blood, in addition to acquiring an STI, She is sexually and economically exploited, Her physical genital stature is not ready for the sexual activity in marriage, Her life is at risk and that of her baby because she cannot access health facilities, Feelings of betrayal, bitterness, anger and helplessness, In about 37 communities, out of 42 ethnic communities in Kenya, the rites of passage to womanhood for young girls have traditionally been accompanied by female genital cutting (FGC). iv Traditional Practices are very resistant to … Other practices with negative effects that she mentioned were Kulamuta (molestation) and Kuhlanta (when a husband can marry his wife’s younger sister if his wife cannot conceive). Tell the students to suggest two people they will tell about alternative rites of passage and explain how they will approach the issue. FGM, child marriage. Some are beneficial, some have neither benefits nor harms, and some are harmful to a specific group e.g. Lungile Shongwe with Swaziland Deputy Prime Minister Thembe Masuku. >Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change, >Emergency and humanitarian assistance Program. Because of this most Harmful . Another harmful cultural practice that needs being discouraged is Kugara nhaka which is the practice of wife inheritance. When isolated and alone amongst people of an alien culture, a person goes through what is termed as “cultural shock”. It is essential to have an idea about cultural practices of some Be safe, make friends, share information and make sure you report any incidences of abuse.” Specific objective: By the end of this session, the learner should be able to explain effects of harmful cultural practices. SWAGAA counselors see many cases of child abuse, covering all the situations Shongwe mentioned in her speech and more. When Shongwe was finished, she received a standing ovation. These rites enhance the dignity and esteem of the girl and boy child. You are Swaziland’s future. Some of the major HTPs […] To replace harmful/negative cultural practices, organizations have come up with alternative practices that symbolise transition from childhood to adulthood. Phone: + (254) (20) 2585381, (20) 2585382, (20) 2585383 It is said that there are around ... about the harmful effects of the acts. Such practices are grounded in discriminatory views and beliefs about the role and position of women in Afghan Harmful traditional practices occur across all sexes, sexual identities and genders. The Children’s Protection and Welfare Act must be put into operation to deter these perpetrators. I’m asking you to report these vultures who prey on children, our most precious asset.” She also talked of the degrading of Swazi culture, when men rape their own children, and parents give away their offspring for financial gain. Aimed at children, the first message is “Take pride in yourself. Traditional cultural practices reflect values and beliefs held by members of a community for periods often spanning generations. As far as I am concerned, witch hunting/burning is one of the numerous harmful traditional practices in nigeria targeted against women and children. Referring to polygamy, she talked abut competition among wives to gain favour and financial assistance from a husband, how children are neglected when money is not forthcoming, and how, when the father/husband dies, there is vicious fighting among the family for inheritance.
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