All Shook Up -- The Answer/Debate While some studies have shown these platforms work in specific applications (i.e. Thanks to the vibration plate benefits for blood circulation, weight and fat loss, and muscle toning, vibration plates can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Go ahead and download our free prospectus, or check out our Personal Training Diploma here for more info on what you could be learning! Using a vibration plate cut this time in half. When you burn more energy than you consume, you start to burn fat from stored fat reserves. ultra-controlled trials and specific medical treatments), many researchers maintain the overall benefits have been exaggerated.For starters, the effects of the vibration are only felt for a very limited period of time (i.e. This stimulation forces your muscles to contract and relax between 30 and 50 times a second. Once you get comfortable on vibration plates, start switching it up with different positions like a squat or a lunge. While it won't automatically melt the pounds off, it does increase energy expenditure during exercise. Looking to find out how to become a fitness instructor? Vibration plates work by sending strong pulses through your body, forcing your superfast twitch fibres to work at a highly inefficient rate—so you are using up lots of energy just to stay on the plate. Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Most gyms have a few vibration plate machines, and because many people aren’t really aware of their benefits, they’re usually all free! Combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio, vibration plates will get you on your way to body confidence. And yet the vibration platform (or plate) is one fad dozens of manufacturers, professional athletes and gyms across the country are getting in on -- all for one easy payment of $1,000 and up! Manufacturers claim these good vibrations cause the body's skeletal muscles to contract and stretch, engaging more muscles than voluntary movements alone. Join Abbie on Facebook at the OriGym Facebook Group. If you want to tone up the muscles in your lower body, do squats or lunges. Vibration plates are a great alternative to high impact muscle-strengthening exercises like weight training. After all, no matter how much we all want one, there is no short cut to improving your health and fitness long term. Using a vibration plate strengthens your muscle fibres which increases the amount of energy you use during your workout. Enquire to Become a Personal Trainer!Follow your passion and pursue a career in Fitness.NamePhoneEmail ConfirmENQUIRE. Not exactly, whilst the vibration plate benefits are varied, you’ll need a balanced diet and regular cardio to really see the benefits. Combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio, using a vibration plate will have you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals! Regardless of whether you prefer to stick your headphones in and get in the zone when working out, or you prefer more of a social setting, you can get all of the vibration plate benefits without edging (too far) out of your comfort zone! If you’re one of those who are sceptical about using a vibration plate, wondering “do vibration plates work?” we’re here to tell you that yes, they do! August 22 2010. The vibration plate benefits for recovery make this machine ideal for your post-workout cooldown. Because of the vibration plate benefits for core strengthening, regular use of vibration plates increases postural stability which will improve your balance too. That said, have you used a vibration plate or vibration massager before? She has contributed to various publications, including the Daily Express. The common thread: All machines vibrate 20 to 50 times per second while the user enjoys the sensation of riding a rickety roller coaster... standing up. Exercising on a vibration plate is a safe and easy solution to reducing recovery time which is usually prolonged by associated long periods of immobility. While it won't automatically melt the pounds off, it does increase energy expenditure during exercise. Let’s take a look at what the science say about the power plate. Better yet, the vibration plate benefits are just as varied as the machine’s uses. As mentioned, vibration plates are low impact. The essential guide to taking care of your mind and body. But as we said, there are no shortcuts to achieving noticeable, long term results. The research is limited and broadly overshadowed by marketing. The muscles relax and contract at a much higher rate on vibration plates, so expect to feel tired and don’t be discouraged if you can’t hold your plank for as long as usual. All Shook Up -- The Answer/Debate While some studies have shown these platforms work in specific applications (i.e. And there are number of studies done on these vibrating exercising machines. One of the most popular vibration plate benefits is its ability to aid weight loss. You’ve almost definitely seen or at least heard of a vibration plate, often known as a ‘Power Plate’ but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably never used one. Normally, your muscles contract and relax once or twice a second, but the multi-directional vibrations of a vibration plate transmit energy to your body which stimulates your muscles. You can hold these positions or do the full movement, depending on your strength and balance. Any product that claims to make us stronger, healthier and faster (read: all around more awesome) without any real effort deserves a long, hard look. There are some clinically proven benefits of vibrating platforms, but most products' claims are severely exaggerated.
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