Everyone joining Discord Testers has this tier. Just run the command !quiz inside your DMs with DBug and it will provide you with a Link to a google form and also a 1-time Code for it. Fun, Other, Computers. !submit -t Title of bug -r First Step ~ Second Step ~ Third Step -e What actually should happen -a What actually happens -c The Discord Client you use -s Your OS info. Your place to talk. After submiting the Form will DBug inform you about whether you managed to pass the quiz or not. PTB tends to receive features later than the Canary build. If you failed the quiz will you be able to try it again after a certain time. you just go on discord > add server and type "discord-tester". ... Just run the command !quiz inside your DMs with DBug and it will provide you with a Link to a google form and also a 1-time Code for it. You're also able to submit bugs to the different channels. You gain access to the #announcements channel and to the different bug hunter channels. Discord Quiz DRAFT. Commands for Checking and Adding Roles; Bug Reporting Process. Play this game to review Fun. They use Discord Canary, and work hard every day to help new users find bugs, check if they're a duplicate of already reported bugs, and sometimes help others format their report. You get access to Discord Focus Tests and also the Bug Hunter Badge. The Dbug bot is the gear in our machine that keeps Discord Testers running! Add to library 14 Discussion 25. Windows) will you need to assign yourself some roles first. You should now receive the right roles. Becoming a Bug Hunter isn't that easy as it contains several steps before you can actually submit a bug. A complete and more in-depth explanation about the commands of DBug can be found in this article. It doesn't have any benefits but actual limits such as only having access to specific channels. Tags: Question 10 . The Discord Testers Server has multiple "tiers". The Dbug bot is the gear in our machine that keeps Discord Testers running! June 11, 2016 Nerd Of Truth . When was Discord created? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Discord Partner. It will provide you with a few links such as an article on how to download and install either the Discord Canary or Discord PTB Client. To begin the quiz, send a direct message to Dbug bot and use the !quiz command. Just a test for my discord server! The PTB is intended to be a way for users to help Discord test new features, so it can be expected that PTB is less stable than the main client. Go back to your DMs with DBug and use !role add (Replace with whatever platform you have. Then you get a DM from a bot named DBug, you go to the DM and type "!quiz"It gives you a code, copy it and go to the website it sends you. If your bug was already reported and you can reproduce the actual issue, can you use the !canrepro command in the right channel to note that you can reproduce this bug. Get Discord swag to spread the word and brighten people's day. It is now available. The official place to report Discord Bugs! You receive the Golden Bug Hunter Badge and a possible chance of becoming a Junior Moderator. Press J to jump to the feed. Fill out the required fields with what you think is the right answer. This tier unlocks access to the approval queue meaning you can approve or deny Bug reports. Taking the Quiz; Adding Roles. Where can I take this quiz? Additionally do you also get access to the Bug Squasher chat. Here are some commands that you will use on a daily basis for general bug reporting. !canrepo 0 -w for Windows System info). Bug Hunters are an elite group of Discord users, who have successfully found bugs with Discord on any client that could also be reproduced by other users. The quiz will test you on basic bug hunter knowledge that you can read here. Now to the most important part: Reporting the Bug! At the beginning will you only have access to a few selected channels. Represent Discord at local events - as an attendee or event coordinator. Not available yet, any information about that will be posted in the Discord Testers server. Note that any mention of X* means that the actual amount of approved Bug Reports for this tier is undisclosed. You'll then get a Direct Message from a Bot called DBug. If you find a bug on PTB, please report it on the Discord Testers Discord server. you just go on discord > add server and type "discord-tester". You will need to make a quiz in order to access more of the Server. In order now to report the Bug for your platform (i.e. Submitting a Bug. They help the Discord developers to learn about bugs and fix them.
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