Beagle departs Lima on 7 September for the Galapagos Archipelago. Charles Darwin begins studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Cambridge University Library 2d online edition 2007, compiled by Sue Asscher, p. 98. 1877 Awarded Honorary LLD from Cambridge University. Use the filter to search for names and key words. Darwin spends 16 September to 20 October exploring the archipelago, 15-26 November in Tahiti, 21-30 November in New Zealand. 1863 Seriously ill, consults many medical men about his symptoms. April to May Darwin and FitzRoy make an inland expedition along the River Santa Cruz. 24 March to Rugby for a day and thence to Shrewsbury returning home 1 April. Engages in dispute with St George Mivart, adds a new chapter to sixth edition of Origin of Species to rebut Mivart’s claims. Translated from the German by W.S. 'I never saw a more striking coincidence. On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life . Back. The ship makes way across Atlantic ocean calling at St Helena and Ascension Islands in July. 1825 17 June taken away early from Shrewsbury School by his father. 1878 'The whole of this last year [working on] on the circumnutating Movements of plants & bloom.'. 1849 March to June the whole family reside in Malvern Wells so that he can take the water cure. Calls at Chiloé Island. The first standard national post boxes are introduced by the General Post Office. Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman doctor to be entered on the UK Medical Register. The naturalist John Gould identifies his bird specimens. 1879 In August takes a family holiday in Coniston in the Lake District. Eyton. 1813 In the summer goes to Gros, near Abegele, in Wales, for sea-bathing with family, some of his earliest recollections coming from this. The Public Health Act is passed to improve poor urban living conditions. For 6 months, Darwin plans a trip to the Canary Islands, off the coast of … See also the itinerary in Freeman, Charles Darwin: A companion. Visits Cape of Good Hope from 31 May to 18 June. Dallas, with a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin, The Power of Movement in Plants…Assisted by Francis Darwin, The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms, with observations on their Habits. Publishes The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication. See also: John van Wyhe ed., Darwin's personal 'Journal'. From June 1834 to September 1835 the Beagle surveys the west coast of South America. 1866 Publishes 4th edition of Origin. Lecture notes on medicine etc. The Natural History Museum is opened in London. 1829 Travels to Wales to collect insects with entomologist Frederick William Hope. Disseminates Questions about the breeding of animals. 1864 In November awarded the Copley medal of the Royal Society of London, its highest scientific honour. HMS Beagle sailed into Darwin Harbour during its surveying of the area. Charles Dickens publishes A Tale of Two Cities. 12th February 1809. Charles Darwin is born at The Mount, Shrewsbury, the fifth child of Robert Waring Darwin, physician, and Susannah Wedgwood. 1851 March takes oldest daughter Annie to Malvern where she dies of fever on 23 March, aged ten. Begins to publish scientific papers. July his name appears in Stephens' Illustrations of British Entomology. Field notebooks begin to be used. 1868 July Visits Isle of Wight and meets Alfred Lord Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron. Later returns home in July. Sits for the portrait, right. 1817 Attends day school in Shrewsbury run by George Case, Unitarian minister. The clock of the Palace of Westminster is operational and the bell becomes known as Big Ben. 1873 Attends a soiree at George Eliot’s house. Wallace encloses an essay on species and varieties that mirrors Darwin’s own theory of natural selection. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. Publishes Journal of Researches, later known as Voyage of the Beagle. These changes occur with small mutations in genes, which are then passed onto offspring. In the last weeks of the year moves to a house in Gower Street, London. 1874 A séance is held at his brother’s house in January but Darwin does not attend. In July opens his first notebook on the transmutation of species. 1872 Publishes 6th edition of Origin. The UK Act was to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire (with initial exceptions of the territories held by the East India Company, Ceylon and St Helena). The Licensing Act establishes licenses for public houses and limits drinking hours. 1857 Whole year spent writing chapters of species book. The book on this subject would only be published in 1881. 1859 On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life is published in London on 24 November by John Murray. In October takes a family holiday in a rented house in Sevenoaks, Kent. Edinburgh [1825-7]; zoological walk to Portobello [c. 1826]; early geological notes, near Shrewsbury; geological notes made with Sedgwick; notes on alluvium, 1837 (& 1846); geological notes on Salisbury Craigs, 1838; notes for glacier papers, 1839-42. Adobe Spark can be used as a customizable timeline maker — giving you the power to grow your business without any programming or design skills. 1881 July, takes another holiday in the Lake District, based in Ullswater. [For a complete day-by-day itinerary of the Beagle voyage click here]. The voyage lasts five years and takes him all around the world. Returns briefly to Brazil in August to check some readings. From April to July around Maldonado, August to December in Rio Negro and Montevideo. Evolution Theory Timeline Timeline Description: Evolution, which is the change of characteristics of different populations over time, is the theory used to explain the massive diversity experienced on Earth. Well, it's easy as toast! Is impressed with the veranda and on returning to Down House builds one there. Published 3rd edition of Origin. His mother dies. Continues work on descent of man. 1822 June went to Downton, Wilts with sister Caroline. - over 500 million hits since 2006. Meets Captain Robert FitzRoy (1805-65) and makes preparations for the voyage. 1835 Spends February in Valdivia and early March in Concepcion, makes long excursion northwards from March to September, calling at Copiapo, Iquique and Callao. Spends much time with Henslow, and in August accompanies Adam Sedgwick, Professor of Geology, on his annual field trip to Wales. Darwin reads Alexander Von Humboldt's inspiring account of his expeditions through the rainforest. 1839 Marries Emma Wedgwood on 29 January. John Clements Wickham named the area Port Darwin in honour of their former shipmate Charles Darwin.
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