There is a … It is present in a stream after almost all other fish have succumbed to water quality degradation. In color, it is dusky to black above and silvery below. Habitat of The River and Hornyhead Chub: The Horned or Hornyhead Chub is found in rocky pools and runs of creeks and small to medium sized rivers. The head tubercles can be particularly noticeable, looking like a set of horns above the eyes. Although they are occasionally found in dark-water streams, they are more commonly found in clear-water streams. LIFE HISTORY. Adult males have a red spot behind the eye. This fish is quite similar to the more common creek chub. All of the Chubs build nests, except for the Pearl Dace. The hornyhead chub inhabits riffle/pool sections of small streams to medium sized rivers. Young creek chubs may reach 2”-3” in length within the first year of life. It has a large mouth. The Creek Chub is tolerant of low oxygen situations, such as those caused by organic and coal mine pollution. Adults can reach a maximum size of over 12” but specimens over 10” are uncommon. Creek Chubs are … The Hornyhead Chub is one of Kansas’ largest native minnows, attaining a length of 6-8 inches.
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