Mix it with argan oil - which infuses your hair with radiance - and you have the perfect overnight mask for hair… Vlogger BeautyKLove keeps her hair lustrous, healthy, and strong with an overnight mask of pure coconut milk. Unlike the DIY coconut milk recipe above, this method does not require water to get the milk out of the coconut. Coconut milk overnight hair mask is full of oils that make it an excellent conditioner for rough and damaged hair. 5. Let that hair mask be undisturbed overnight. 2. Hair Mask of Coconut Oil . Ingredient • 4 tbsp coconut milk. Instead, just squeeze the milk directly out of the grated coconut … Early the next day, rinse your hair with a shampoo not having harsh chemicals. When you are seeking an easy-to-use method, the hair mask of coconut … Argan Oil With Coconut Milk Makes An Amazing Conditioner. Repeat the steps once or twice per week. Apply coconut milk to your hair regularly if you suffer from hair damage and split ends. How to do • Add coconut milk to a bowl. More: Best Foods for Hair Growth.
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