The Clinical Nurse Specialist coursework is fully online, with clinicals arranged in your area. As part of the advanced practice nurse community, clinical nurse specialists must have a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with a specialty in a particular area, like acute care or school health. The hours of work are usually daytime hours, Monday to Friday. the Clinical Nurse Specialist Association of Ontario is an association of RNAO members or affiliates who are nurses committed to Advanced Nursing Practice. Aspiring clinical nurse specialists may choose to … Clinical Nursing . It became an official interest group of RNAO on September 13, 1979. Clinical nurse specialists typically work in part-time or full-time positions as needed by the program or area of service. Registered nurses will have completed a diploma program, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree. History: The Clinical Nurse Specialist Interest Group was formed in 1977. CNA. The Clinical Nurse Specialist Postgraduate Certificate is designed to provide advanced practice preparation as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) to nurses who hold a Master’s degree in Nursing and are prepared for other roles or population groups. Clinical Nurse Specialist [PDF, 118.6 KB] (position statement) Clinical Nurse Specialist Association of Canada Joins the Network (Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties news) Pan-Canadian Core Competencies for the Clinical Nurse Specialist [PDF, 511.3 KB] Strengthening the Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Canada — Pan-Canadian Roundtable Discussion: Summary Report [PDF, 989 KB] Because MSN programs use undergraduate courses as their building blocks, certain prerequisites apply. The student will choose one of the following populations: adult/gerontology, pediatric, maternal/infant, or psychiatric/mental health. For those holding a BSN, graduate school prerequisites might look similar to this: The Master of Nursing Clinical Nursing field of study program is designed to prepare nurses for clinical leadership roles in healthcare organizations in Canada and internationally. Clinical nurse specialist graduate programs provide skilled nurses with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Adult gerontology clinical nurse specialists advance the quality of care by leading practice change innovations, integrating evidence-based practice guidelines, and collaborating across disciplines to improve patient outcomes and achieve sustainable healthcare outcomes. Clinical Program Requirements Course Descriptions Program Chart . They have both internal and external partners. Although not typically at the bedside, the clinical nurse specialist is often in contact with those who are.
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