Chaos Blade Alternating diagonal slashes from left to right. 30.0 Requires: Chaos Blade, Raw Stone and 2,000 souls for Infusion. Good reach, but small hitbox. 15.0 The Chaos Blade has the potential for the highest physical damage of the Katanas, with easily the highest Physical damage per second with 10 Humanity and 40 Dexterity at around 450 damage per hit. Complete Chaos Blade Moveset (including dual wielding with power stance) Chaos Blade. Skill: Hold Durability 0 Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Found - Attribute Bonus It does, however, deal very high damage per second, and scales well with Dexterity. The high damage, along with its ability to be infused and augmented, means that the Chaos Blade can be used for almost any build, providing the high Dexterity requirement and self-damage are not too off-putting. 45.0 However, it deals very high damage with each swing, making it a popular choice for PvP or against tougher enemies. The Chaos Blade causes more Bleed build up than other katanas (36 compared to the default 33 of other katanas). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 0 Horizontal Slash, similar starting and ending lag of the right-handed weak attack. Weapon Type It also features a standard katana moveset. Standard Attack: Overhead slash, second attack is a rising slash. Player jumps and buries the Chaos Blade into the ground. 0 Player brings the blade back over their offhand shoulder, and swings it forward forcefully. It does, however, deal very high damage per second, and scales well with Dexterity. Against weaker enemies, using the Ring of the Evil Eye can help negate the damage caused by the Chaos Blade. 15.0 -. The Fury Sword has the moveset of a general curved sward, The falchion is the best comparison imo. Slash/Thrust Requires: Chaos Blade, Old Mundane Stone and 2,000 souls for Infusion. The self-damage will not activate when landing, The self-damage can be used to activate the effects of the. An "x" shaped flash, followed by another. Additionally, it damages the wielder every time they hit an opponent. 12 For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Chaos Blade Moveset? Rapidly swings horizontally. The Chaos Blade drains 20 HP from the player with each successful hit, making it one of the only weapons that can kill its wielder. Return to Weapons As with other Chaos weapons, the Chaos Blade scales with Humanity. To obtain the soul, the player must defeat the Lost Sinner in NG+. Bonus 45 The Chaos Blade drains 20 HP from the player with each successful hit, making it one of the only weapons that can kill its wielder. Nonetheless, it is an overall balanced moveset with one-on-one attacks (normal attacks, C2, and C6) as well as crowd clearing moves (C3, C4, and C5). Requires: Chaos Blade, Darknight Stone and 2,000 souls for Infusion. Top Contributors: Jared Petty, Shawn Saris, Threetrees + more. Aux. 160 16 0 High starting lag. - The move is so slow that attempting to use this on recovering enemies might give them time to actually get back up and retaliate, so use with caution. The Chaos Blade is a katana in Dark Souls. Low starting and ending lag. Charge attacks are mediocre at best. 6.0 However, … Stats Chaos Blade Dark Souls III Wiki » Weapons » Katanas » Chaos Blade ... Moveset One-Handed. 14 30 Required Attributes It also scales well with Dexterity, although not as well as a fully upgraded Uchigatana or Iaito. Chaos Blade. Gripless) from, The unique two-handed strong attack for the Chaos Blade is identical to the two-handed strong attack for the Uchigatana from Demons' Souls, and the, The Chaos Blade was going to be part of a side storyline involving. Strong Attack: Forward thrust. 1 Lore 2 Skill 3 Availability 4 Moveset 5 Notes 6 Upgrades h Hold (1) - Assume a holding stance to rapidly execute a lunging slash with normal attack, or a deflecting parry with strong attack. Eff. - In other words, chaos itself. Strong thrusting attack with good range and damage, but a small hitbox. 133 For PvE, I'd go with the Chaos Blade, for PvP with the Blacksteel. Weight If it does manage to connect, this attack will knock opponents off their feet. Parallel slash from left to right, followed by a diagonal slash from right to left. 10 Its moveset is very similar to the Uchigatana moveset from Demon's Souls, and may appeal to Demon's Soulsveterans. The Chaos Blade does not damage its wielder if it does not hit anything. The moveset for the Chaos blade is that of a standard Katana with a sweeping onehanded R2 attack. - Attack Type Running lunge. The other two are irrelevant compared to those. Weaponsmith Ornifex - trade Tiny hitbox, but good damage. Much like its original counterpart, the Chaos Blade drains health from its wielder with every successful hit. Wearing Sanctus and/or using the Replenishment miracle will also help offset the feedback damage caused by the Chaos Blade.
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