This is our worst case scenario!! They seemed to go out of their way to educate and explain in straightforward terms. The lightweight wood bears straight grain and proves easy to machine and finish. Buffalo Lumber offers full 20 and 40 foot container quotes internationally. We are doing a project 50 yards away from their terminal. We actually picked it up ourselves on Friday at the ABF terminal. Buffalo Lumber specializes in Milled to Order Pre-Finished - Primed, Painted, or Stained - Cedar Siding, Redwood Siding and Knotty Pine Paneling shipped direct from the mill located closest to You. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Western Redcedar has been reported as a sensitizer. The majority of boards should be completely clear or with one small knott per 12' length. I’m attaching some pictures showing the various stages or working through the installation. The reason we go to this extreme is to demonstrate the expectation we want to create in our Buffalo definition of CLEAR. London, UK: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.”. Fluorescence: A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification, Bow Woods (from a mathematical perspective), Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian, and Other Rosewoods, Genuine Lignum Vitae and Argentine Lignum Vitae, BOOK: WOOD! My business partners were looking for Hyatt Credit Card Authorization Form earlier this week and came across an excellent service with lots of sample forms . Some even on the same stick. Royal® Cedar Renditions™ has the look of wood grain with none of the maintenance or flammability issues of wood. Same house. We uncrated it and stacked it in their garage. I also re-primed the back sides of all the boards to get a uniform coating on them. Pricing/Availability: Should be moderately inexpensive for construction-grade lumber, though higher grades of  clear, straight-grained, quartersawn lumber can be more expensive. Whoever is maintaining this database, please correct the information with respect to this wood’s susceptibility to insect damage. I primed and painted those, and then did some final edge caulking, and applied 2 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Aura white topcoat to everything. Oh, well, I just thought that the wording used in the description did not communicate this relative resistance which prompted my original comment. If you want Cedar that's 100% free of knots, which is difficult to find and costly, then you would need Clear Vertical Grain Cedar. When interpreting grade rules this is where the integrity of the mill really comes into play. When the carpenter wasn’t here, I worked on spackling, sanding, priming and painting any minor surface defects on the boards and priming and painting the cut ends while on the ground (actually, in the basement where it was much cooler to work). We really appreciate the help and advice you gave us along the way and thank you for sticking with us through some of the difficult times. This Chicago customer used our A&BTR Clear Cedar milled to 1x6 T&G (V Groove) stained with Olympic 717 "Redwood" Semi-transparent, Oil Based Stain. Inland Red Cedar is the same wood species as Wester Red Cedar, but because of the different growing conditions in the inland mountains of Idaho and Montana, Inland Red Cedar trees show differences in the wood grain, wood coloration, and smaller tree height. Grade rules are intended to be the worst case allowable on a board - but NOT the entire order. For our new home and budget, the siding supplier decision was no small issue (product cost alone $50,000+). YES - there are knots allowable in a clear cedar grade rule description! As a shingle sawyer who has sawed cedar both on the coast and inland i personally doubt there’s any difference in the wood from these different locals.Much inland wood tends to have more rot in the center leading to a significantly narrower shell on the log , but I haven’t seen that reflecting on the wood qualities at all ( other than a lot more narrow edge grain shingles in the interior). Common Sense Wood Siding Seasoning, Storage and Installation Tips for Do It Yourself Homeowner and Builder, TONGUE & GROOVE 1X6 CLEAR & 1X4 NEAR CLEAR CEDAR SIDING, CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN 1x6 BEVEL & 1x4 T&G CEDAR SIDING, 1X8 SHIPLAP SHADOW GAP CLEAR CEDAR SIDING MILL PRE-FINISHED, 1x4 T&G FINE LINE SHADOW PATTERN CLEAR WRC PRE-STAINED, ​1x8 T&G CLEAR CEDAR SIDING MILL PRIMED and PAINTED, JOB: Project Consultant & Sales Applications CLOSED, JOB: Phone & Order Support applications CLOSED, Buffalo Lumber announces first in a series of AIA CSE Exterior Wood Performance Webinar to be presented March 6th 2019, Buffalo Lumber Company Presents Shiplap Done Right in Modern Farmhouse-Style Home, Bevel siding with rabbet (notched cut) on bottom edge. Western red cedar also delivers impressive acoustic properties. I work with Western Red Cedar every day as a fence installer In Michigan off all the tear out and replace jobs I have only seen signs of insects in one fence that was 27 years old, because it was never taken care of. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, AYE&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use, 16' and under, 1x4 T&G (V2E) CEDAR-IRC SIDING, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, 1x4 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - rough) CEDAR-IRC TRIM, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, - All mill pre-finished with Olympic 716 "Cedar" tone oil-based semi-trans (OM 4659). Do these differences in appearance have an affect on the MOR, MOE, compression, shrinkage and dried weight? In Buffalo Lumber Layman Terms - If we were talking about a 1x8" board 12' long, We delivered it to our customer's home a couple of hours ago. 1x6 BEVEL THIN NO RABBET (1/2 THICK, 1 OVERLAP) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, CVG (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, Resawn, Smooth Use, 1x4 T&G (BUTT JOINT NO V EDGE) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, CVG (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, S4S, Smooth Use, - Both mill pre-finished with Cabots Wood Tone Stain “Heartwood” 3004 (OM 4740), 1x18 SHINGLE 18in DIAMOND CUT (7.5" width 25sqft BOX) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, #1 (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, UNFINISHED, Resawn, Rough Use (OM 4828), I think we should start sharing the good responses more often. Buffalo Lumber CLEAR - when the highest possible appearance grade is desired. Another comparable example is Douglas fir. There are knots allowable in our clear grade but they are so few and so Inland Red Cedar is the same wood species as Wester Red Cedar, but because of the different growing conditions in the inland mountains of Idaho and Montana, Inland Red Cedar trees show differences in the wood grain, wood coloration, and smaller tree height.
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