After about 2 months of this, I decided to introduce carrot juice into my daily routine. Drink carrot juice to easily detoxify your liver and improve its function. of carrot juice contains about 31,000 IU, this is in the form of beta carotene. 7. While 4 oz. Fast forward to today and I regret not doing this sooner. While carotenosis caused solely by drinking excessive carrot juice and eating vegetables is usually harmless, it can be embarrassing. “You would need to be eating about 20 to 50 milligrams of beta-carotenes per day for a few weeks to raise your levels enough to see skin discoloration,” says Dr. Piliang. It also relieves fatigue of the heart muscle and can affect the regulation of body weight. Carrot juice has done miraculous things to my skin that no product, regimen, or acid peel has even come close to. Carrot juice can also help in relieving the mental fatigue that occurs due to overworking and stress. Regular detox treatments promote a healthy liver, especially after a night out on the town. There is little doubt that eating two or three pounds of carrots a week would likely turn your skin … If you consume lots of carrot juice, yellow-orange vegetables or beta-carotene supplements, your skin may turn a yellow-orange shade, a condition called carotenosis. I'm convinced now that the key to healthy and glowing skin is from within. Too much beta carotene shouldn’t cause the complications listed above, although it may well give your skin an orange hue. Healthy Pregnancy Support.
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