As a more permanent alternative to parchment paper for lining a cookie sheet, consider a Silpat silicone mat. I know a lot of bakers use and love silicone baking mats, but for whatever reason, I’ve always just used parchment paper. Certain older recipes , like for shortbread, suggest brown paper. I splurged and bought myself several fibreglass baking sheets from and have never had a biscuit stick since. Avoid using foil when baking cakes—or when you’re working with anything where shape is important, for that matter. The main reason why people use parchment paper is to ensure an easier cleanup. Paper doesn't ignite until it reaches 218C, so can be used at normal baking temperatures of 180C. You can actually purchase parchment paper in pre-cut pieces in the size and shape of some cake or pie pans. Just as you can bake biscuits without baking powder, you can also bake cookies without the need to use parchment paper. Silicone paper is expensive but good to line the tins of special cakes that you can't afford to fail. Specifically, any time you are putting a baking pan into the oven, you can probably line it with parchment paper for easier release. However, not every household has parchment paper on hand when it is needed. Those will burn and make a mess of your food and your oven. The biggest difference between parchment paper and wax paper is that wax paper is not heat-resistant. It’s difficult to line a round cake pan with aluminum foil, and using parchment paper will result in more even baking. Not only is it purposed for baking, but wont contribute off flavors, chemicals, or just plain set fire to your oven, should something amiss occur. In these instances, it is safe to use one of parchment paper’s many alternatives, such as aluminum foil. No need to use cooking spray and add extra grease, and your pans are much easier to clean as you can just throw it away when you’re done. Therefore, if this is your main concern, you should use heavy foil … Use baking parchment. You can bake on it, use it as a food wrapper, and pastry chefs even turn it into tiny pastry bags … But really, baking parchment is, the most sane way to go. Parchment paper is a very versatile kitchen item that can be used for several cooking projects, from baking to storage. Baking paper, or parchment paper, is definitely one of those things. This means you cannot use it for baking, or even use it in the oven at all because the wax could melt and even catch fire inside your oven. You can either save the wax paper for another use later or toss it. When baking cookies, you cannot use wax or freezer paper as a substitute for parchment. You can spray your cookie sheet with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
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