Unlike normal cabbage, Jaromakohl leaves lot of water. Cabbage - 2 cups, chopped. 6. 3. Tips: 1. Don't know many recipes using cabbage? A simple dry cabbage to go with chapati or naan or paratha or you also serve with full combo meal like cabbage sabzi, chapati rice or dal. So, when you cut half cabbage, you can get curry for three persons. Add Salt to taste and mix well. How to make Cabbage subji Ingredients to make cabbage subji for 4 servings. Garnish with a sprinkle of fresh grated coconut and cilantro. 8. As usual I will try to keep this Cabbage Carrot Stir Fry Sabzi (Gajar Patta-Gobi Sabji) recipe steps as simple as possible, so that it … 2) Do not add salt in advance. Cook cabbage uncovered and add salt only in the end or the cabbage will become soggy. It goes well with chapati or rice. Aloo Cabbage Curry . Methi Paneer Bhurji. 2. 7. Cabbage Carrot Stirfry is the simple green cabbage with carrot blended in South Indian style seasoning ,with the flavor of coconut it tastes delicious.A yummy colourful and healthy combination for chapati. To save time, use a food processor to shred the cabbage. we also use it as a salad. Patta Gobhi Aloo Ki Sabzi – Stir fried cabbage and potato curry. Aloo Methi Subzi (new!) Allow it to cook uncovered – stirring frequently. Aged or stale cabbage has rough texture and unpleasant taste which ruins the taste of Cabbage subzi. This one of the stir fry cabbage subzi. Serve hot with Chapati. Cabbage tends to shrink after getting cooked. whenever you make cabbage sabzi choose the tender and green cabbage because in taste it’s very good and it helps to cook fast. Potato Broad beans curry (avarakkai) If you do not have time in the morning to prepare any of the above dishes, then you can prepare these chutney also for chapati. It is a good accompaniment with any Indian Bread, such as chapati or with plain rice. Add Cabbage and mix well. Patta Gobhi Aloo is a simple stir fry from North India .Cabbage is a healthy and low cal vegetable ,it can be used as a diet food and to reduce weight .It can be consumed easily by everyone. 5) Once cabbage is cooked nicely, garnish with coconut and cilantro. etc. Aloo Cluster Beans Curry . Double beans sabzi. Tips: 1) Use fresh cabbage head. Chapati Rolls with Dry Paneer Capsicum sabji. Aloo Matar Dry Curry. 5. Cabbage is very useful as a low-fat vegetable. Keep reading and you will find recipes on this site.
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