The Brenner Assignment by Patrick O’Donnell tells the story of two American agents in World War II who embark on a mission to destroy the crucial German supply line, through the Brenner Pass. Brenner Pass rail line smashed in September 2, 1943. Since the 14th century it has been one of Europe’s great trade routes. Thousands of Nazi troops who refused to surrender were on-the-run, being chased down and cut off by Italian Resistance fighters and the U.S. Army. Bomb explosions. The German Army was retreating from Italy through the Pass into Austria. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass. (World War II period). Brenner Pass rail line smashed in Trento and Bolzano. In early May, the famous Brenner Pass through the Alps was the most dangerous corner of Europe. Bomb group in flight. On March 18th 1940 Hitler met the Italian leader Mussolini in his railway carriage in the Brenner Pass, high in the Alps, close to the border between the two countries. Official in bomber. Bombing over Brenner Pass in Bolzano. The last remaining units of the fascist Italian Air Force attempt to engage B-25s from the 340th Bomb Group who have successfully destroyed a vital enemy rail bridge in the strategic Brenner Pass, northern Italy, 10 April 1945. The Brenner Pass (German: Brennerpass [ˈbʁɛnɐpas], shortly Brenner; Italian: Passo del Brennero [ˈpasso del ˈbrɛnnero]) is a mountain pass through the Alps which forms the border between Italy and Austria.It is one of the principal passes of the Eastern Alpine range and has the lowest altitude among Alpine passes of … The enemy Me109s are completely routed by escorting P-51 Mustangs of the 325th Fighter Group who are quickly on the scene. Bombs dropped over Brenner Pass. Smoke rises over target. Brenner Pass, open all year long, has been one of the main entrances to Italy from the north and, since Roman times, the principal road between the Eastern Alps in Germany and the Po River valley of Italy. The heroic deeds and tragic events that follow make up a compelling story of war that starts off slow, but gets more intriguing as it continues. Aerial view of Trento. According to an announcement heard over the London radio, the important Brenner Pass, between German Austria and Italy has been closed for the past few days and all traffic on the German side halted during World War 2. 1943 Vintage Photo by ACME.
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