The T7 is Bowers & Wilkins’ first portable Bluetooth speaker, promising big sound but with a big £300 price tag. Streaming music from Spotify, Soundcloud and internet radio stations via an iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the T7 impressed across the sound spectrum. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. Unlike many portable Bluetooth speakers there’s no speakerphone support here, which will be annoying for some, but for us it’s not really a major miss, as this is truly built for listening to music. Bowers & Wilkins has even gone to the trouble of making its own “audio cues”, working with composer Mira Calix to put their own stamp on the Bluetooth experience. Despite being a slight variation on a fairly familiar rectangular wireless speaker design, there's a premium look and an obvious design flourish that helps set the speaker apart. There's a blue LED to one side, which shows when you're paired, too, while the power button is tucked away on the bottom right edge. While it might be extremely late to the Bluetooth speaker party and isn’t as portable as a Jawbone Jambox or a Beats Pill, it’s been well worth waiting for. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, But if you value sound quality - as of course we do - and you’ve got the budget for it, this really is money well spent. The T7 speaker looks like a B&W product. All rights reserved. That’s thanks to the transparent honeycomb shell that sits between the side-facing speaker grilles to bring some light into the mostly dark frame. It is big, though – about the same size two Beats Pill speakers on top of each other and a bit more. The rubber trim around the top, bottom and sides make it easy to hold and offers a little protection. Stunning design. Powerful audio output for size. Liked: Powerful audio output for size Fantastic sound quality Disliked: Not for purists You won’t be able to fit it in your pocket, and we still have to take issue with the peeling paintwork but, once you hear how good it sounds, but those are the things we can overlook for an otherwise top-notch speaker. Across the top is where you’ll find a set of embedded buttons to play and pause music, adjust volume and to activate Bluetooth pairing. Bluetooth connectivity aside, there’s support for physically connecting your audio-playing devices via the 3.5mm aux port that sits alongside the power input, a Micro USB port that only supports service updates and a reboot button. What you’re paying all that money for is the audio performance, and the T7 certainly delivers. Clarity and detail go hand-in-hand, and the amount of information revealed by the T7 is astonishing for a speaker of its kind. Along that trim you’ll find the standby button, which when pressed activates a delicate audio cue to signal that the system is turned on. It's almost a surprise that a speaker company as renowned and popular as Bowers & Wilkins doesn't already have a Bluetooth speaker in its increasingly broad range of products. As we’ve found from taking this on a trip abroad without its own protective bag, and as the images show, the coating on the speakers can peel and chip away, taking away some of the speaker’s overall sheen. And, even with our expectation adjusted for this sort of product, at £300 it needs to be good. As a portable Bluetooth speaker, the T7 is in a price and size bracket of its very own, but if you are willing to pay for the best then this is it what you get. This is mainly thanks to the Micro Matrix design, which makes for a transparent frame around the main bulk of the speaker, creating a neat honeycomb effect. Funky blues tunes have their groove intact, and it delivers subtle detail with ease. There was a problem. £300 gets you a good-looking speaker with mammoth battery life and stellar sound quality. The B&W T7 sound is an easy, pleasurable listen that does a fine job of delivering high-quality sound in a portable, relatively affordable package. And it does go pretty loud. The transparent honeycomb design isn't just for aesthetics: this 'Micro Matrix' effect helps reduce cabinet vibrations. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review.
2020 bowers and wilkins t7 review