Blamenco is a character from the anime One Piece. Notes: Pairs with Kraken Monster of the North, Octopus Boxer Sea Animal Pirates or Tashigi Captain of the Vacation for full-orb STR board. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and White hair that is Hair Up / Indeterminate length. "." Blamenco - Debut: Chapter 553, Status: Alive, Date of birth: February 5, Occupation: 6th Division Commander Pirate, Allegiance: Whitebeard Pirates Relations Appears in One Piece (Series) Wan Piisu ワンピース わんぴーす by Type Class Rarity Cost Combo Price Max Lvl / XP; STR: Striker: 5: 28: 4: 1,000: 99 / 4,000,000 Blamenco. Blamenco (ブラメンコ, Buramenko) is both a major fictional character and ally of the Fairy One Piece Tail series. He is the commander of the 6th division of the Whitebeard Pirates. —Blamenco.
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