Awakening Weapon: Kerispear. Only by working together can this massive beast be slain. 1606241418. Having mastered the elemental secret, the Wizard vanquishes his foes with the destructive forces of water, fire, earth, lightning, and ice. Craft a boat and make sail to the Great Ocean to fish, hunt ocean monsters and bosses, explore, gather, do quests, trade, and so much more. Due to its violent nature where it destroys anything near, there is no single tree standing in where it lives. Having mastered the elemental secret, the Wizard vanquishes his foes with the destructive forces of water, fire, earth, lightning, and ice. Just surviving in this desolate place is a challenge alone. Sub-Weapon: Ornamental Knot While a Shai can survive incoming threats, she is better suited to protect, heal, and strengthen those around her in order to fight off her foes. Taking up the majority of the Valencia territory, this area is nicknamed the “Black Desert.” It is scorching hot by day and freezing by night, making it extremely difficult to cross for travelers and treasure hunters alike. Awakening Weapon: Crescent Blade. If his size is not enough to intimidate them, the force of the Berserker's ground-shaking attacks will eradicate anyone in his way. Quint is a very tough boss to defeat. The graceful Maehwa is swift and hard to capture like petals in the wind, and the bite of her weapon's edge is incredibly deadly. More music for other regions will follow in the near future. Mediah separates the Republic of Calpheon from the Kingdom of Valencia, and so is sandwiched between two hostile territories. Although she can heal, she is more of a protector. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and conquer castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more! His attacks are unpredictable and fierce as A Paragon of Holy Justice, the Valkyrie dashes around the battlefield to batter resistance. Sub-Weapon: Trinket EVENTS Happy Thanksgiving! Black Desert Online was already famed for its stunning graphics and beautifully designed, seamless open world, but with Black Desert Remastered you will get to experience an online world unlike any other. With his high level of defense, aggressive strikes, and ability to speed across the battlefield, he is a force to be reckoned with. With adept movement, she can get out of harm's way. Vell is a fearsome, gigantic sea monster that lurks beneath the waters of the Great Margoria Ocean. The Archer forces pursuers to dodge his powerful ranged attacks, or annihilates them in a moment of unawareness with a stylish combo. The Guardian is the bastion of the battlefield and strikes with perfectly calculated heavy melee blows to fend off all who dare oppose her. Sub-Weapon: Dagger His speed and agility, coupled with the fury of his fists, feet, or elbows, make him a truly terrifying sight to behold, let alone face in combat. With adept movement, she can get out of harm's way. Sub-Weapon: Vambrace In addition, original midi score has been replaced with a full orchestral score, consisting of new compositions and arrangements. Sub-Weapon: Ra'ghon Main Weapon: Shortsword Awakening Weapon: Godr Sphera (Water and Fire). This terrifying monster is locked within a stone statue and is set free by the ringing of a bell. Explore its capital, Grána City, a tranquil and orderly city with secret of its own and the home to Kamasylve, the great and sacred tree of Kamasylvia. Sub-Weapon: Noble Sword However, it went into a deep sleep after being gravely injured and was nursed back by the Blood Wolves. Garmoth the Crimson Dragon was the smallest of all the dragons in Drieghan but it was peerlessly cunning. With the holy flame of Ynix, she is powerful enough to even kill the gods. The force of her attacks is impressive to behold, as she knocks larger opponents to the ground with kicks, and the force of her sword. She can catch any foe off-guard and lock them down with a wide array of control skills. Other optimisations include ambient occlusion, improved ocean rendering and realistic cloth simulation. Main Weapon: Longsword From massive sea creatures to ghostly pirates, danger might come from any direction! It is hard to learn about the relationship between ogres and Muraka as ogres do not live together. The Ninja is an assassin of the deadliest sort, getting up close to his opponents alarmingly fast to deliver precise deadly strikes at their weak spots. Awakening Weapon: Gardbrace. The Hashashin dominates the desert with his It is however very rich in one of the most coveted resources in the world: Black Stones. As if she was from another realm, the Witch taps into the magic flow of natural elements to vanquish her foes with its destructive forces. Sub-Weapon: Dagger The Kunoichi is an assassin of the deadliest sort, specializing in deflecting attacks while waiting for an opening to deliver devastating counters. Improvements such as physically based rendering, lighting and atmospheric scattering techniques and the addition of volumetric clouds will make the game feel more vivid and realistic. Before its occupation by the Republic of Calpheon, Serendia used to be a mighty kingdom. The thundering sound of Ancient Kutum's heart recently re-opened the doors of the Scarlet Sand Chamber, and its entrance was discovered by archaeologists and explorers. Main Weapon: Blade According to old records, Ancient Kutum used to live inside the Scarlet Sand Chamber. He also attacks players with ever increasing damage and has a ground pound attack that can kill Adventurers instantly. Starting adventurers will begin their journey in Balenos, a quaint coastal territory. The Mystic excels at close-quarter combat, using a variety of martial art techniques to dominate the battlefield. It was thought that Garmoth was slayed by the Sherekhans like the other dragons. Participate in the rambunctious Altinova Arena, help the illustrious Shakatu Merchants with their trade, or help investigate what really happened during the Three Days of Darkness in Mediah. or creates an endless sandstorm to confuse them. While Node War occurs daily and is a skirmish over single Nodes, Conquest War is a weekly bloodbath over the control and sovereignty of a vast region. Drieghan, also known as the land of the dragons, is a mountainous region. Port Ratt is a little paradise that acts as the gateway to Haso, a secluded kingdom shrouded in mystery. The arid kingdom of Valencia is home to Valencia city.
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