If you're after a pair of quality Aston Microphones at a slightly more affordable price-point we'd recommend the Starlight Stereo Pair. These drum overhead microphones provide more detail in your recording and will require less-aggressive EQ moves. Sadly, it doesn’t have interchangeable capsules but most of the time these kinds of microphone are used with their cardioid capsules anyways. One thing that isn’t mentioned literally anywhere is their self-noise… they assure that it’s ultra-low though, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Two important cautions with this mic are: For these reasons, I would NOT recommend this mic for studio use. The built quality is excellent, they are made of metal and the inside is brass, giving them a very sturdy and durable feel. They have a slight boost between 1kHz and 8kHz, this gives you a slightly brighter sound which is especially useful for recording overheads. Featuring a one-of-a-kind tri-capsule array, this mic offers 4 different settings: …as well as the standard features common to USB mics, including: For simple bedroom studios, the Blue Microphones Yeti is the ideal way to record acoustic guitar in stereo…. A-B Stereo. One huge plus though is that the capsules are interchangeable, which will come in handy if one breaks or if you simply want the hyper-cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns. The build quality is better than the one of other budget microphones. And the monoprice and mxl cr21 — any sound samples for those? Do I really need to use a 'matched pair' of microphones, or even two mics of the same make and model, for stereo recording? Careful when changing the capsules though, I read on a couple of reviews that these mics are very sensitive and need careful handling. The Behringer C-4 pairs have a non-reflective finish which is excellent for live performances since it eliminates unwanted glares and reflections. Despite the fact the figure-8 pattern of ribbon mics is a primary tool for stereo recording. Matched/stereo pair condenser microphones are used for a variety of applications, such as recording classical and acoustic guitar, choirs, piano and they are also used as drum overheads. It has a black chrome design, and each features a transformerless preamp, which makes for low noise and distortion. 14 Best Budget Stereo Pair Microphones! You can get a pack where you get the pair of the sE Electronics sE7 with microphone clips, windscreens and foam pop filters for the same amount as purchasing only two microphones. These microphones can be used for a variety of applications, such as recording drum overheads, choirs, acoustic instruments, voice-overs, etc. It has a black-matte ceramic coating, which is both durable and really good looking. The Avantone CK-1 comes equipped with a High-Pass filter at 80Hz and a -10dB attenuation switch. If you still don’t have an Audio Interface, here’s a list of the best ones under $300. If you can’t, go with the M5. With so many options to choose from, I know it’s going to be hard deciding for a single set of microphones. The Rode M5 (Link to Amazon) is the industry standard in terms of affordable matched pairs, they are of extreme quality, sound very nice and should last you forever. Thanks! If this is the microphone you need, make sure to check my Recommended Gear. These cost exactly the same as the Rode M5, which only come with the microphone stand mounts and windscreens, but the SR-M500 also provide a stereo mounting bar and a camera shoe mount adding a bit more versatility to them. The MXL V67N, although still being considered a budget microphone, is probably one of the best sounding ones out there, plus you get some extra capsules which is great. What virtually any pro studio will tell you is…these mics are absolutely incredible, and well-worth the cost to those who can afford them. Can't you make good stereo recordings, even if the mics are not of the same make? Just as with the LynxPro, the Neewer NW-410 pair also come with Cardioid, Omni and Super cardioid capsules included. Even though the MXL CR21 pair are good quality microphones, I would however purchase either the Neewer NW-410 or the LyxPro SDPC-2 for that price, since they both provide extra capsules and a carrying case. These capsules are sold separately and are not included, sadly. As the first of 3 Audio-Technica mics on this list, the AT2022 looks appealing at first glance…. Would like to hear your recommendation on the mics. Can you point me to some sound samples of instruments recorded of the neewer nw-410? This mic allows for simple stereo recording on 3 settings: Though not rich in fancy features, the main selling point of this mic is its ability to record pristine sound quality, through the use of premium parts and manufacturing. For field recording though, it’s a great option, and has received tons of positive reviews for that purpose. I guess professionals need the best quality possible, but for the rest of us surely it doesn't make that much difference. It also comes in a very high-quality storage box. Both models are configured with two mics vertically stacked at a 90° angle…making them perfect for either Blumlein or Mid/Side recording. You might also be interested in reading about the Best USB Microphones available. Just like the C-2, this is a stereo pair of pencil condenser microphones that will give you a nice overhead recording. The storage case isn’t the best you’ve ever seen, but it will do the job nicely and keep the microphone safe. The Behringer C-2 are very similar to the C-4 both in price and quality, they have a few differences though; The C-4 is 3 dB more sensitive than the C-2 but has a 4 dB lower maximum sound pressure level. They have an excellent performance and maintain a very low self-noise and low handling noise. The MXL V67N has interchangeable capsules which are Cardioid and Omnidirectional, but you don’t need to buy them extra, since they come with the microphone.
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