For the entrepreneur: The United States is home to a few landmark breweries and brewery founders. The Beer Bible. Vintage-y green and adorned by a simple pair of illustrated hops, the logbook is simple and tasteful — just like your favorite beer! But, if you’re really infatuated by bold and delicious brews, you might find yourself reading about them — in which case it’d be helpful to know the best beer books. Learn how to incorporate beer into all of your favorite dishes with 100 recipes from Jackie Dodd and even your dankest IPA can find its way into your dinner. For the Fiction-lover: Our very own Hop Culture founder Kenny Gould published his first book! It’s a detailed — mostly by personal experience — explanation of all things great beer. But, Jonathan Hennessey and Mike Smith’s The Comic Book Story of Beer is just that – a comic book. $2.99 #23. 20.09.18. Liked this article? He’s been a pioneer of the shift of the niche beer writing toward a broader audience, and his book, The Complete Beer Course, is just that. Forget about spending your summer marathoning your favorite Netflix shows (again). The king of craft beer writing has done it once again, giving a master class in beer that you don’t need a degree to decipher. Paperback. For the beer-aholic: Do you already know the ins and outs of beer and brewing? This herbalist wants you to make good out of your own backyard, and that sounds pretty good to us. A barley and hop plant talk about the nature of love. It’s a true primer that’s especially helpful for discerning how people are treating their beers in restaurants and stores, and it’s the cheapest way to get solid advice from a guru that we’ve found yet. History buffs can rejoice! Even if you did not, Kent’s book — which is part autobiography, part guide to partaking in this insane sport — will get you up to speed. Read more. Portland, Oregon, is known for its beer scene, but Stumptown wasn’t always a craft capital. It’s a beer geek’s history dream read. Reading their stories gives insight into how the craft beer movement started in America and where it might be going. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best craft beer writing on the web delivered straight to your inbox. Unless otherwise noted, all of the products featured on Hop Culture are independently chosen by our editorial team. Melissa Cole, acclaimed beer and food writer, details seeking out the world’s best brews and how to subsequently pair them with what you eat. However, Hop Culture may earn a commission from purchases made through affiliate links on the site. GrowlerWerks uKegBuy Now: $142 A farmer finds a buried beer bottle that grants good luck. Beer lovers … For the historian: Frank Appleton is an English-trained brewmaster whom many consider the outright father of the Canadian craft beer movement. Keep up with Jackie on her beautiful beer Instagram, TheBeerOness. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to homebrew everything — as in not just beer but also wine, meads, and ciders — and also look like you’ve just stepped out of a Pinterest board, this is the book for you. For the culturally conscious friend: Untapped is a collection of twelve essays about craft beer’s meteoric rise. For the homebrewer: Brooklyn Brew Shop has long been best at making homebrewing as simple as possible. As craft beer has grown in popularity, so have the number of tomes on the topic. Just like a good drink, holidays and special occasions are best celebrated with friends, family, and the friends that have become like family. Try powering through your next favorite book series. For the completionist: Every beer lover should be familiar with Michael Jackson’s work (insert not that Michael Jackson joke). For the Cicerone-to-be: If there’s one modern beer journalist to know, it’s Josh Bernstein. In 1889, Bickerdyke corrected that injustice with publication of this book. It takes the reader on a trip around the world stopping off at the best breweries, bars, beer towns and . So, dust off your library cards, peruse your local bookstore, and open up that Amazon Prime account — these are our favorite beer books of 2019. For the traveler: While The Little Book of Craft Beer hasn’t come out quite yet, it’s one to add to your pre-order list. At this point in the beer timeline, there are plenty of books on homebrewing. For the bartender: You might not think of it often, but there are plenty of people who are eager to combine beer and spirits. This week I’ll give you my picks for top home brewing books. These are just a few of the stories from one of beer’s creative voices. Curiosities of Ale & Beer: An Entertaining History When author John Bickerdyke first began researching what he called "the antiquities of ale and beer," he was shocked to find that no comprehensive volume had ever been written on the subject. For the Beginner: Beer School, written by Jonny Garrett, is a digestible explanation of how beer is made and how its styles are distinguished. If you love craft beer, most of your time is probably spent drinking the stuff. It’s a recipe guide for those who like to drink seasonally and a perfect companion to John Palmer’s How To Brew. Over the span of 2019, we tasted dozens of hazies and hop-bombs, some of which bore little resemblance to one another. High on the Brewing Cloud, a fictional floating city where everyone is involved in some aspect of the beer industry, stories are brewing. The Widmer brothers and their now infamous hefeweizen got things going. COLLESI, SONS OF LIBERTY & BOGOTA AMONGST WINNERS OF THE 2018 WORLD BEER AWARDS . Many of these books are also available in your local … Now … by Melissa Cole. Kindle Edition. But, if you’re up for a challenge and are in the mood for some seasonal brews, this book is for you. Most would suggest the same for beer cans and bottles. CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2019 CAMRA Books The beer-lovers’ bible is fully revised and updated each year to feature recommended pubs across the United Kingdom that serve the best real ale.The GBG is completely independent, with listings based entirely on evaluation by CAMRA members.The unique breweries section lists every brewery – micro, regional and national – that produces real ale in the UK, … Buy Now: $12 Buy the Everyday IPA Kit: $48. Gather Around Cocktails: Drinks to Celebrate Usual and Unusual Holidays. There are so many beer festivals now that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but there are only a few worth traveling for, and this beer-focused bucket list is a guide to those must-visits, as well as some of the best pubs and breweries from around the world. Honestly, this book is plain pretty. Read about Grossman’s beginnings as a homebrewer and how Sierra Nevada Pale Ale became one of the most popular beers in America.
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