And you can always go back by clicking on the arrow in the right bottom corner of the page. I’m pleased with the result! choose 'Blog Updates' to get an email whenever I publish a new post, and 'Newsletter' for the newsletter. As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases. The brilliance of the combo machine is that it doesn’t take up any extra space - it allows me to have the coverstitch function without an extra footprint, which I love! This week, it’s a short one with a few thoughts on what it’s like to not be working on the wedding dress anymore, along with a few projects I worked on when I got my mojo back. Teil meiner Aufgaben als Ausbilderin für Overlocker bei BERNINA International beinhaltet das Schreiben von Tipps und Tricks wie unsere Produkte benutzt werden können. I finally remembered to set up my tripod to film the conversion from overlocker mode to coverstitch mode on my @berninanz b48! It also includes a handy waste collector and a large working area to enhance your work’s comfort levels. I’d like to introduce you to my brand new Bernette b48 - and also to announce that I’m the newest member of the Bernina Ambassador team! First, it was the T-shirt. I learned here that seam binding is very tricky - I definitely need some more practice at that - but it results in a beautiful finish so I am very motivated to practice! Doris (the woman) had lived near the beach, and my repair man thought that the salty air might have contributed to Doris (the machine)’s rusty tension discs. This top-of-the-line Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch combo model is a mechanical machine, although color-coding the entire thread paths do make the threading easier to master than other mechanical models. That was over 10 years ago now, and as it turns out, the technology has improved in the last decade. A few months ago, my (lovely, trusty) Bernina 334DS met a rather tragic end. I felt she couldn’t be part of the family without a little matching sweater. Do you have a particular question about Bernette B48? I filmed a little demo video as well, of the switch over, so you can see what the process is like - although Bernina has a much better one on their website if you’re actually wanting to see it up close! While the coverstitches have a stitch width of either 2.8mm or 5.6mm. Part Two of the First Shoe series! I took her home, took the opportunity to deep-clean the sewing space, and finally finally finished that t-shirt! Vorherige; 1; 2; Nächste; Seite 1 von 2 . Things are never that simple though, are they! If you'd like to chat about catlessness, sewing, knitting, or other forms of world domination, I'd love to hear from you! My name is Ana, and I am the editor of How to Remove Embroidery: the Definitive Guide to Keep the Fabric Safe, Is Bernette B48 a good machine? After that, I switched back to merino and batch-sewed three tees for myself - two short sleeve and one long sleeve - out of white merino and using wooly nylon thread. I would love to get a highend Babylock - wouldn't we all - but my funds are limited and I am really intrigued by the Bernette Funlock B48. I learned that the presser foot lever is on some kind of extra lever mechanism, so you lift up to put the foot down, and push down to lift the foot up. I do know Babylock is the Mercedes of sergers/coverstitch but at the price the Funlock 48 seems like a deal and they seem to be well made. Recommendation #1. This machine offers a total of 23 stitches, 15 overlock stitches, 4 combination stitches, 3 coverstitches, and a chain stitch. The overlock stitches have a stitch width of up to 7mm. - I try to only do it once per project - overlock everything, then switch over to finishing and coverstitch - so it doesn’t disrupt the flow all that much. This week’s post is all about my first (that’s right, there’s already a second… and a third!) With color-coded threading, a cutting blade designed with your safety in mind, a quick sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute, it is a capable and user-friendly serger. My new problem was that all of my overlockers up to this point had been predetermined - mom’s machine that I learned on, then the first very cheap 1940s babylock that only had two stitches, and then the also-cheap Bernina. She did come with a plastic one, but in a space I walked past every day (many times a day) I wanted something a bit nicer looking. The problem with having a machine die suddenly, though, is that it happens right when you’re in the middle of a project. I wanted to have a couple of projects under my belt with my new machine so I could give you a complete review. It was a little bit of information-overload to be honest - so when Rebecca from Bernina contacted me and asked if I’d like to become a Bernina Ambassador with one of the overlockers from their range, I was completely thrilled! Twisted metal and the most impressive grinding noise) right at the start of a T-shirt I was trying to make. So. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Bernette b48 Funlock auf Can It Be The Best Serger Ever? Bernette B48 is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated to use too. The stitch quality is excellent and the cutting blade is positioned in the machine for maximum safety. Don’t worry, the mojo’s back in full swing now! is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. bernette Funlock 48 An affordable overlocker/coverstitch machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality The bernette 48 is the top model of the Funlock series and is a combination of an overlocker and a coverstitch machine. My second project was a t-shirt for Jon. Bernette B48 is the top machine of the company’s Funlock series and is a combination overlock and coverstitch machine. This week, I’ve sewn the uppers of my shoes together - plus their linings. Die bernette 48 Funlock näht mit einer Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 1300 Stichen pro Minute, sodass mit den präzisen und schnellen Stichen Ihr Nähprojekt in kürzester Zeit Gestalt annimmt. This post is all about the finished shoes, what I love, and what I'll do differently next time. Put your Email Address in the box, and I'll ask the friendly internet robots to send you a message when I post an update! The overlock stitches have a stitch width of up to 7mm. I also love how small and neat the single-needle overlock is; it’s perfect for baby garments! It is sturdy, compact, and produces perfect stitches on all types of fabric. Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser. The color-coded threading makes threading this machine frustration-free. It went swimmingly! Von MartyO, 1. This took several attempts to get right, and the clear coverstitch foot in my accessories box was absolutely critical to success - the big metal overlocking foot is fine for straight seams, but I needed a much higher level of accuracy for the curves of the pocket, and I couldn’t see what I was doing at all! Do you have a particular question about Bernette B48? Or choose both! The combo stitches have a stitch width of up to 10mm. This week, learn how to make your own set of pressing tools, and check out the free downloadable pattern for a tailor’s ham, seam rolls in two sizes, and the ever-useful boob ham!
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