Location Map for Begonia coccinea 'Pink Shasta' (Angel Wing Begonia) - 2 Map Locations Found Click a marker pin or a green plant 'dot' for details. Auszeichnungen. I can be best described as having thick, leathery, solid bright-green leaves with a soft sheen and bright red flowers. Erste Begonien Pflege-Schritte ab Ende Februar bis Anfang März: Offene Begonien Zwiebel in Substrat stecken und wässern. I would really appreciate it if you let me know in the comment below. Individual Location for Begonia coccinea 'Pink Shasta': (To display plant details, click a number in the table.) jetzt anfordern. Map Help ^Top of Page. Begonie 'Glowing Embers®' 3 JUMBO-Jungpflanzen. Begonia grandis ssp evansiana; Begonia sinensis ssp evansiana; Aber trotzdem Vorsicht. 4,44 € Hänge-Begonien-Mix 'Illumination' 4 Pflanzen. 9,99 € Zurück Seite drucken. Begonia coccinea is a species begonia discovered in Brazil in 1841. Hotline & Kontakt. Auch diese vermeintlich frostfesten Begonien benötigen zusätzlichen Kälteschutz wie zum Beispiel eine Schicht Reisig. Leaves are glossy and have a red outer edge on some varieties and a red underside. The pale pink flowers bloom heavily on dainty arching stems and give off a very elegant appearance (Gardeners World Magazine). Begonien (Begonia), auch Schiefblatt genannt, sind eine Pflanzengattung in der Familie der Schiefblattgewächse (Begoniaceae). Begonien Pflege nach der Winterperiode. (the specific epithet means Begonia with red flowers). Cane Begonia - Coccinea Identifying this one is truly a challenge as I was not even able to get any clues and reference for this particular one - As such, I'm just labelling it to what I think the closest it can be from it's family order group. The Angel Wing Begonia is a thirsty plant that will need watering as often as every day during summer. Begonia coccinea Family: Begoniaceae Angel Wing Begonia Origin: Brazil. >>mehr Info. Jetzt kostenlosen Newsletter anfordern und 5.- € RABATT-GUTSCHEIN sichern! It's native to southern Brazil, and many important cultivars have been developed from it, one reason for its popularity being that it tends to bloom all year. Angel Wing Begonia Care Tips Watering. 12,25 € Begonie Magic Colours 'Fedor®' 1 Pflanze. Our Chiapas plant comes closest to BEGONIA COCCINEA, usually known as Angel Wing Begonia, though sometimes as Dragon Wing or Cane Begonia. Many hybrids have been produced using it as a parent. The name Angel wings was given for the shape of their leaves that are kind of like Angel wings. This species is a cane stemmed type Begonia that has thick stems and fairly large nodes. Variants in flower color include dark pink and deep coral/salmon. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Newsletter abonnieren .
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