This is a word you might hear from Dutch doctors that advocate the body’s natural healing ability. “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” 1. Free online video course by Bart de Pau. And for how English is used in different regions of the U.S., here are 60 Words People Pronounce Differently Across America. Dutch Translation. A common beer, for example, is called biertje in the Netherlands, while a small dog is hondje. Find more words! How to say beautiful woman in Dutch. It seems like the consensus from a magazine about the Dutch language is “desalniettemin”. Uitzieken. Uitzieken translates to ‘sick it out’ and essentially means waiting out an illness and taking it easy until you recover.. Hè hè. Uitwaaien. The Dutch use smaller words more often than English speakers and make the words smaller, cuter or more friendly by adding the suffix –tje. 21 Beautiful Words From Other Languages That Will Brighten Your Day A Little Bit. and the beautiful Dutch word of lellebel (also slut, but a bit more cute) Special attention goes to the word ‘hoer‘ (whore), which you can modify with all kinds of other words in front of it — like moffenhoer (German-loving whore). A beautiful word that's probably best used to describe a litter of golden retriever puppies, ebullience is the quality of excitement and enthusiasm. Dutch vocabulary for beginners: 1000 most common words in Dutch, 40 video lessons x 25 words per lesson. This is a hearty expression of satisfaction after a job well done or a hard day. ELOQUENCE {English} (n.) fluent or persuasive speaking or writing 3. mooie vrouw. And other words that is quite nice for the way it is used are the words “dinges” and “dingen”, which can almost be used like the word “smurf”. Translation for 'beautiful' in the free English-Dutch dictionary and many other Dutch translations. ... Dutch, adjective: Convivial, cozy, fun, quaint, or a nice atmosphere. SONDER {English} (n.) the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own 2.
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