Rice pudding is my childhood dessert, along with semolina pudding (see this post for a basic recipe). Or serve as is as a snack. But a great and quick example of what you can do with a muffin tin. And they are varied enough in shape, colour and taste so your little one doesn’t get too bored after a while. This fruit bowl is packed full of vitamins and good fats too! And I have a weekly newsletter where I share my kitchen experiments, failed recipes and food tantrums of my 3 year old. Especially the honey if your baby is under 1 year old. You can omit the spices if baby is not a fan. 34. I made it cause I was afraid of frying stuff for my baby (I think I already mentioned that a ton of times already!) What I haven’t got is baby cereal. Makes a great finger food and great for babies with no teeth too! Great with fruit on the side and perfect first finger food for babies. A nourishing bowl of deliciousness! If plain french toast is too boring lately, why not mix some banana and ta-da! You can cut it into strips to make it easier for babies to handle. These sneaky cookies are a great way to hide fruit and veg for any picky eater! Topped with scrumptious chia jam, these vegan cookies are a marvellous way to switch up your kiddie’s breakfast! They’re great served with a glass of milk on the side and keep well in an airtight container. | Good Cookery, Baby led weaning muffins recipes - easy, healthy, quick! And they’re versatile, you can fill them up with whatever you fancy. https://weaningful.com/30-baby-led-weaning-breakfast-recipes Unfortunately, so many of our foods nowadays are chock-full of added sugars. So breakfast for me sometimes means food on the fast lane. Your email address will not be published. Another great finger food and very fulfilling too, as it has oats in it! Find the recipe here: Apple and Cinnamon Super Breakfast Muffins. Hi lovely. I love this recipe! And little hands can easily manage eating them all on their own! https://somethingsplendiferous.com/easy-baby-led-weaning-ideas-6mos Find the recipe here: sproutingyumminess.com. It’s a great source of iron, but I don’t particularly like the taste. Any mom can come up with meal ideas for her kid if she learns how to cook a variety of nutritious food. 33. In an attempt to combat this issue I’ve compiled a list of 15 super healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious breakfast foods you can make to start your child’s day off right! This is a foolproof recipe from Jamie Oliver himself, and it’s great cause there’s no sugar in it, so you can serve it either as a sweet breakfast, either as a savoury one, with some egg on top. They look delicious! I would choose the lowest salt Cheddar option and add a little bit of seasoning, as they might taste a bit too bland for some. Woaaaah! I’ve got sweet, I’ve got savoury, I’ve got a little bit of everything. - Weaningful.com, 5 foods to avoid in baby led weaning - what not to feed baby, 10 ways to vary baby led weaning pancakes - sweet and savoury recipes -, How I got my kids to try any food – part 7, How I got my kids to try any food – part 6, How I got my kids to try any food – part 5. It’s naturally sweet, no sugar added! Numerous studies have linked high sugar intake with increasing levels of diabetes and obesity. Something savoury for the picky eater who won’t eat his veggies. plus it is made in one go: just dump the batter and pop in the oven! It’s so easily done, basically no time at all. I already did a rant on this in another post, so if you want to know why they’re not the ideal food for your baby, go ahead and read my ramblings on this topic. I have made this out of the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley, using some oatmeal that had been sitting in my pantry for a long time. After you make my carrot muffins, of course! Find the recipe here: katsdeliciouskitchen.com. If you have a griddle pan, then that’s enough. They’re definitely on my to-do list! These look like mini pizzas. Who says you can’t have carrot muffins for breakfast? All of the links should be working now Sorry for the delay xxxx. It’s great for babies with no teeth! Now this last recipe is actually part of a round-up post that Grace has over on her website. Now, I admit, this is not one of the recipes that can be eaten in 10 minutes. The colourful components will be sure to attract little children’s eyes! Let your imagination free on this one. Baby led weaning (or BLW for those in the know) is an alternative method of introducing solids to babies. I really like the idea of the roll-ups, as it makes it easier for smaller babies to grab and munch away. Banana and blueberry french toast sandwich. If doing baby led weaning, offer it on a pre-loaded spoon to have the little ones accustomed to cutlery. Do you often wake up in the morning wishing you knew what to give your little one for breakfast?
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