For use in a particular setup—like as a broadcast mic—the Stealth can be quickly snapped out of the mounting clip and put away when not in use. To be honest, this mount feels a little flimsy. Aston makes some great audio equipment and the new Stealth is designed specifically for studio applications, which include podcasting and streaming. There are 2 vocal settings, optimised for different vocal textures, a guitar setting which is equally suited to Spanish guitar, Electric guitar cab and steel string acoustic, and a dark, vintage setting, reminiscent of classic ribbon mics. There is a fetching backlight in pale purple which kinda looks cool and denotes the presence of the mic which can disappear in a dark or shadowed environment like a ninja. Aston Microphones Stealth Active Dynamic Microphone Overview - Duration: 3:39. The Circle of Fifths made clear - Duration: 19:41. Aston haven't included any lasers (as featured on their excellent Starlight mic) on the Stealth. Dynamic Microphone ON TEST 14 March 2019 / Mark Newman Recommended for you. So, how much will the Aston Stealth set you back? Sweetwater 5,514 views. Stealth may not be the easiest mic to set up and use in a session, but it sounds great, offers groundbreaking features, can handle almost any assignment under the sun, and costs less than $500. sources, all in a double-blind test format to ensure objectivity. Aston Stealth Aston’s capacitor mics are fast becoming popular in the studio, and with its four voicing options and built-in preamp, their first ever dynamic model looks set to follow suit! The Aston Stealth comes with a mount which slots into the base of the mic. Cost. 3:39. For the look, size, and weight of the mic, I think there's room for improvement here. You can use this to set it up on your boom arm or mic stand. Aston Stealth features 4 switchable Mic Settings that deliver tailored response for almost any recording situation.
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