This recipe is inspired by our mutual love for a classic dish. In a high-speed blender, add 2-3 garlic cloves, ¾ cup cashews (drained), 1 ¼ cups almond milk, 5 tbsp nutritional yeast, ½ tbsp Dijon, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp garlic powder, and ½ tsp red pepper flakes. Remember to stir them occasionally to avoid burning. It brings the dish to a whole new level. Make sure to sauté your onions low and slow, otherwise you run the risk of burning them. And if you want more protein-packed foods, check out our: This plant-based mac & cheese is bursting with flavor. 1 ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk ($0.35 USD), Tag @brokebankvegan on Instagram and use #brokebankvegan. Mix in the caramelized onions, and if your pot is NOT. However, I’ve found that coconut milk just doesn’t work if you want a traditional, sharp, cheesy mac and cheese flavor. If they start to darken too quickly, turn the heat down. Broil for 1-2 minutes, or until golden on top. We definitely did. For many dairy-free recipes, I often use coconut milk. Just don't walk away. Heat through in oven 5-10 minutes. Don't worry though, we did not skimp on flavour or creaminess. So will it taste okay? Just make the pieces even smaller, and stir them more frequently. Nooch is often fortified with B12, which is essential for vegans and vegetarians. Who else had a love-hate relationship with Kraft Dinner as a kid? Once finished, drain pasta and throw it back in the cooking pot. Total Carbohydrate After a few (or a lot) of failed attempts, we believe our cheese sauce will be an absolute crowd-pleaser for both vegans and non-vegans alike. To start this plant-based mac and cheese off right, you'll need to get a little teary-eyed with some onion chopping. Delicious, high-protein, and simple ingredients. Stir together remaining ingredients in an Instant Pot. Do not walk away. Add spiral pasta to 1-2 quart cassarole dish. 2. almond milk; What you need for this vegan Mac and Cheese. Your email address will not be published. Our emphasis is on providing you with cost breakdowns and nutritional information. Add in ¼ cup of vegetable broth and the onion slices. Just remember, do not walk away from the oven when broiling something. The cashews are really the star of this cheese sauce, which is why it's so hard to replace them with other ingredients. You'll see just how easy it is to live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Unfortunately, realizing how terrible the ingredients actually are in KD, we knew something had to be done. Top all that creamy deliciousness off with some more nutritional yeast and lots of panko bread crumbs before broiling. Apart from those ingredients, not much is left to add: pasta and some spices. No, adding in the caramelized onion is totally optional. Slowly mix in cheeses, stiring and heating until fully melted and bubbling again. Plus, did we mention it has 15g of protein per serving?! When cooking is done, let stand for 10 minutes before releasing pressure. We have a lot of personal experience with burning dishes. What more can you ask for? We have used both sweetened and unsweetened almond milk, and it doesn't really make a huge difference. Bring pot of water to boil and cook macaroni. Nutritional yeast: also referred to as "nooch", this makes the mac and cheese taste so cheesy!Nooch is often fortified with B12, which is essential for vegans and vegetarians. Set aside 1/2 cup Almond Breeze almondmilk and the cheese. Heat oven to 350; Add spiral pasta to 1-2 quart cassarole dish; Pour and mix cheese sause into pasta compleatly. It combines really well with the cashews to create a creamy consistency that you may think is only possible with dairy. Pour your cheese sauce over the macaroni. Preheat oven to 350. Required fields are marked *. We hope you enjoy this meal! * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Cook them according to the box instructions, or approximately 8-10 minutes. Whether you want to eat more plants or try new foods, we've got you covered! Nutritional yeast: also referred to as "nooch", this makes the mac and cheese taste so cheesy! Its: This almond milk mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food that's secretly healthy. When coming up with a way to use my almond cheese, I based my recipe off of a lite mac & cheese recipe and this may be even lighter on calories! Almond milk. Most other plant milks should be fine too. Be careful to watch closely to avoid burning. A high-speed blender, like a Vitamix (link), works best for creating the creamiest cheese sauce. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Happy eating! Key ingredients you'll need for a delicious almond milk mac & cheese Ingredients for Almond Milk Mac & Cheese. Win-win, right? Using unsweetened almond milk does save you some calories though. Slowly mix in cheeses, stiring and heating until fully melted and bubbling again. There is nothing quite as nostalgic as that blue and yellow box. Once your cheese sauce blends together, mix it with the caramelized onions and macaroni in an oven-safe pot or dish. 33.4 g Almond milk, however, works beautifully with mac and cheese… There's something here for everyone! The deeper the brown, the sweeter they'll be. I'm lactose intolerant and almond milk has become my favorite dairy alternative. No, you definitely don't have to bake the mac and cheese. I want to make it as healthy as possible. Mac & Cheese (made with almond milk) 1 lb macaroni 3 tbsp butter 2 c. Treehouse Almond Milk 1.5 c. freshly grated parmesan cheese 1.5 c. freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese 1 tsp ground mustard 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ground black pepper 1/2 panko break crumbs 1. We've only tried almond and soy milk with this recipe, but both have worked! Melt margrine in 2 quart sausepan over medium heat. After your mac and cheese is nice and crispy on top, garnish it with green onions or cilantro and some paprika for a nice flavour. But, what if we told you we'd created a creamy and delicious mac and cheese with almond milk that's protein-packed, would you give it a try? We created Broke Bank Vegan for all walks of life. I have a brand new bottle of unsweetned almond milk. Cover and set pressure to high for 4 minutes. 11 %. We think it adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this mac and cheese, but you can save some time by not including the onions. Stir in reserved Breeze and cheese, stirring until cheese is melted. Stir in 1 cup almond milk; Heat to bubbling. In a pan on low-medium heat, add 1 tbsp of oil. Reduce stock or broth to 3/4 cup. I like to mix ketsup in before eating for extra flavor though. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. If I already cooked my macaroni the day before, so it is cold, should I bake the dish at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes, then broil? So throw on your trusty apron, and let's get down to business! I bought annies organic mac and cheese and the box says milk but I don't drink milk anymore. But if you're in a pinch for time, it's okay to sauté them on a higher level. Add in sea salt to taste, and adjust other seasonings as needed. The sauce from this mac and cheese also goes perfectly on top of our enchiladas! Make sure you have the following at hand: Macaroni noodles – this works perfectly with leftover pasta; garlic powder; onion powder; Optionally you can also add some smoked paprika. Our mission →, Chocolate Chip Banana Blondies (Gluten-Free, Vegan) ». Most importantly though, we wanted it to be plant-based and simple to make. Bring some water to a boil in a medium-large pot about ½ to ¾ full. Once boiling, add in a pinch of salt and your macaroni shells. Blend until you get a creamy consistency. Or re-heat the macaroni in some boiled water? Almond milk: instead of milk or cream, almond milk is a great alternative for plant-based eaters. Although, we've tried to save your bank account by using less than a cup in this whole dish. The caramelized onions add such a sweet, mouth-watering flavor. Its good heated in the microwave the next day too. Cook on low heat for another 1-2 minutes to thicken the sauce up.
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